Idris Elba to star in Cross

The Wire star takes over from Morgan Freeman

Idris Elbahas signed on to play forensic psychologist Dr. Alex Cross in new film Cross, an adaptation of James Patterson's twelfth novel in the Alex Cross series.

The character has previously been portrayed on screen by Morgan Freeman in Kiss The Girls (1997) and Along Came a Spider (2001).

In the novel version, Cross has become a private investigator having left the FBI. He then becomes involved in consulting to stop a serial killer called The Butcher who may be connected to the murder of his wife.

It's been a busy few years for the Londoner. He'll be seen next in John Luessenhop's Takers and will appear as Heimdall in the Marvel comic book adaptation, Thor.

Having played a murder detective in Luther, it shouldn't be too much of a stretch for him to play a forensic psychologist in Cross. However. Morgan Freeman leaves some pretty big shoes to fill.

Cross is set to be directed by David Twohy (Pitch Black) and written by Kerry Williamson, with no release date announced as yet.

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    • Ali1748

      Aug 19th 2010, 13:28

      Finally Elba get's a meaty role.

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    • yosarian25

      Aug 19th 2010, 14:13

      It's a really good book and should make a really good film. It's a good chance for Elba too, so good luck to him, he should be able to pull it off.

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    • sade1703

      Aug 19th 2010, 14:18

      Idris Elba is a fantastic actor. Morgan Freeman is a legend but I think that Idris will provide a worthy alternative for Alex Cross.

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    • Lindz28

      Aug 19th 2010, 14:36

      Freeman wasn't a good fit for Alex Cross. Elba is much better, should be good if they get the script right.

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