ILM releases Avengers Assemble VFX reel

Showcasing their Oscar-nominated work

Industrial Light & Magic received an Oscar nomination for their visual effects work on Marvel's Avengers Assemble this week. Following the news, ILM have released a reel displaying 'behind the screens' footage.

ILM said they are 'proud to showcase a small fraction of the work' created by over 200 of their artists, scientists and engineers, having been backed by a 'world class' production team.

Check out the video below:

The stop motion animations were created by ILM guru Erik Dillinger 'the old fashioned way'.

We wish them the best of luck on the big night, though that reel deserves celebrating in and of itself.

Do you think ILM should win an Oscar for their VFX work? Tell us, below!


    • JPagan

      Jan 11th 2013, 18:58

      Although I do believe they should win a Oscar for their VFX work. Looking at the video above Erik Dillinger should not use the term 'the old fashioned way' for stop motion animation. Movies like Jason & the Argonauts, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad and many others were truly stop motion animation. The Avengers is Computer generated animation.

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    • t8cmf

      Jan 11th 2013, 19:40

      @JPagen, you misunderstood what the sentence says. They mean the little hero sketches at the beginning and end of the clip are stop motion. Nothing in the Avengers is old school stop motion.

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    • FBJRider

      Jan 12th 2013, 2:30

      Truly amazing work. These are the true heroes of film not the actors who get all the recognition. Anyone can act, it takes real talent to do this. I particularly loved the bit where it zooms in on Hulk's eye, it's such a small detail that no one would notice whilst watching the film but I'm sure it makes all the difference, that level of detail and effort is worthy of an award in itself.

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    • ilikescifi

      Jan 12th 2013, 8:03

      I love ILM, I thought the FX work in Avengers was excellent but not groundbreaking. Hulk's skin was fantastic, but there was nothing here I hadn't seen before. The FX in Prometheus were extremely realistic and stylish. Have not seen Life Of Pi or Snow White so can't comment. Hobbit will possibly not win either because it still has 2 to go.

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    • zxcomplex

      Jan 12th 2013, 11:07

      That just made me want to watch The Avengers again, pure class.

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    • Mattsimus

      Jan 12th 2013, 18:00

      To be fair they should win just based on this presentation alone and well done to the team going the extra mile to compete. They really are trying to make the most of this nomination and you can tell it means a lot. Problem is the competition this year is fierce and they aren't even up against transformers! Prometheus FX were amazing and stand a chance of winning, not good enough though against life of pi! But pi seems to be the obvious winner because the effects are very in your face, I'd personally like to see hobbit win though because the FX in every Jackson hobbit / rings movie have been second to none and I prefer WETA' style to ILM.

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