Immortals trailer released online

“The gods chose well”


The first trailer for Tarsem Singh’s Immortals has finally gone online after its debut at WonderCon a few weeks ago.

A sprawling, sandy epic in the vein of Clash Of The Titans, it follows the bloodthirsty King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) who brings ancient Greece to its knees in his search for a mythic weapon.

Standing in his way is stonemason Theseus (Henry Cavill), whose mother is killed by one of Hyperion’s guards, and who finds the mythic weapon – a bow – himself, and uses it in a mission to destroy Hyperion.

Check out the trailer below...

Most of the fun here is spotting moments where you can almost see Clark Kent shining through Henry Cavill’s performance – look out for one significant moment in which he flies with a red cape.

Much, of course, has also been made of Singh’s stellar visuals, which are hinted at in this first peek at the film. Slow-mo, big effects shots and natty costumes all give the film a rich texture.

The question remains, though: can it avoid the pitfalls of Clash and Prince Of Persia?

Immortals opens in 3D on 11 November.

Oh, and if you think that magic bow looks familiar, watch the trailer for '80s cartoon Dungeons & Dragons below, and check out the bow used by Hank the Ranger at 20s in...

Yup, like most good ideas, Tarsem nicked it from the '80s!

What's your verdict on the trailer? Speak out below...


    • Sodfoster

      Apr 27th 2011, 19:20

      This looks like a load of c**p! It makes clash of the titans look good! These sword and sandal epics are starting to get like London gangster films abundant, generic and unoriginal. I'm just waiting for the remake of Jason and the Golden fleece staring Danny Dyer. I can see it now "Have some you tart!" cue Danny leaping over an army (in slow-mo with big a**e blue screen action) while wearing his favorite Berghaus. Now why the hell could they not green light a film version of the dungeons and dragons cartoon? That would be absolute quality!

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 27th 2011, 21:20

      Hell Yes, just the kind of camp brainless heroism Clash of The Titans lacked.

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    • TheEnigma

      Apr 28th 2011, 9:58

      Sodfoster^^ nuthin' in this world could EVER make COTT look good, unless it was a Remake of COTT with Perseus played by Enrique Iglesias.... eeeerrrrrggghh!!! Immortalz lookz 'decent' but tha jury's out tho...

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    • FBTTornari

      Aug 18th 2011, 17:11

      I can just see the executives meeting in Hollywood. "That 300 was a great success, how can we equal it? Well Frank Miller is working on a new graphic book which we own the rights too, but its a prequel to 300. Audiences love a prequel nowadays. The only problem is he's taken ages to complete it, we need something now whilst the buzz over 300 is still live. Ok, lets do something in Ancient Greece. We've done Clash of the Titans and that has a sequel coming out. What else can we do. It has to be EPIC, with lots of stylised battles and stuff. How about the Odyssey? Nah, boring, the only good bit is with that one-eyed cyclops, and he just gets away with sticking a spear in his eye. WE WANT ACTION! Wasn't there a war between the Gods & the Titans? There you go, that's a good start for the story, just think of the ACTION!!! We can do all the slow-mo fighting scenes, have bare-chested action warriors fighting TITANS! It can be like Clash of the Titans meets 300!!! EXCELLENT!!!!! What hero can we use? Perseus was in Clash of the Titans so we can't use him Who else is there? How about Theseus? There hasn't been a movie about him like ever... No, hang on, wasn't he the dude who killed the Minotaur? Yes, we can have a bull-headed Titan who he can slaughter in an amazing one-on-one battle with slow-mo camera effects and comic-book visuals, it will be AMAZING, it will be like 300. Yes, we can put the logo for 300 in the trailer, everyone will think its better than that. They can wear Gold armour this time, they are after all GODS!!! And they will be fighting TITANS, and they will CLASH and it will look like 300 IT WILL BE A HIT !!!!!

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