Inception trailer online!

First footage from Chris Nolan's DiCaprio mind-melter...

A peek at Chris Nolan's Dark Knight follow-up - twisted sci-fi actioner Inception - has popped up online.

The brief, twisted teaser trailer has already debuted as theatrical support for Inglourious Basterds, but it's just been released on The Internet.

Umm, looks a bit like The Matrix, then...

Have a watch and let us know what you think - here or via Twitter...

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    • mattburgess

      Aug 24th 2009, 17:41

      Looks fantastic for a teaser! Can't wait for the movie!! And it looks *nothing* like The Matrix.

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    • Ali1748

      Aug 24th 2009, 19:01


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    • minorityreport

      Aug 24th 2009, 23:29

      It's Nolan. I'm already there.

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    • MadMatt

      Aug 25th 2009, 0:47

      I have to admit, The Matrix was the first thing I thought of when they went on about this 'architecture of the mind' stuff. Followed up by seeing footage of two people fighting in mid-air (it's not quite the same concept, I know, but still...) kind of confirmed it. Let's hope it's more in line with the first one than the appalling sequels. What am I saying? This is from the director of Memento. Of course it will be good!

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    • MadMatt

      Aug 25th 2009, 2:09

      I should probably stress that the Matrix-y vibe isn't necessarily a bad thing in my view. So long as Colonel Sanders doesn't turn up halfway through and start whittering on like he's been inhaling too many of his special herbs and spices, I'll give this a shot.

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    • brianlfc

      Aug 25th 2009, 18:30

      I am looking forward to seeing that

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    • Buried At Sea

      Aug 25th 2009, 19:36

      looking good but that score sold it for me, really strong and powerful.

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    • murta101

      Aug 26th 2009, 12:53

      seems like the matrix with a hint of minority report, but that can only mean good things especially if this is Nolan's Dark Knight follow-up

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    • han4bond

      Aug 28th 2009, 16:05

      Why is this anything like The Matrix? Because somebody runs on a wall in one scene? No mention of why or how, and suddenly it's a Matrix knock-off? Come on, people, this is Nolan we're talking about. He wouldn't be doing this movie if he didn't have a very original story and approach.

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