Iron Man 3 won’t be directed by Jon Favreau

Director concentrating on Magic Kingdom

Iron Man

Director Jon Favreau will not be returning to direct Iron Man 3.

In a blow to fans of the film franchise, Favreau – who directed both big screen outings Iron Man and Iron Man 2 – has cut all ties with the project.

Which isn’t a massive surprising considering all the hoo-ha that surrounded his pay packet for the second Iron Man. And with his proposed salary for Iron Man 3 reportedly way more than Marvel are willing to fork out, the studio have begun the search for a replacement director.

Last night, Favs confirmed the news, Tweeting: “It’s true, I’m directing Magic Kingdom, not Iron Man 3. I’ve had a great run with Marvel and wish them the best.”

Considering the amount of money Marvel have been making off the back of their comic book film adaptations, it’s surprising that they aren’t rewarding those responsible in the paycheck department. Perhaps Favreau’s fee really was astronomical, though we find that a bit hard to believe.

The saddest part is that Favreau has always been enthusiastic about a third Iron Man, and it’s a downer that he won’t be able to complete his trilogy. Let the replacement rumours commence...

Worst news ever? Or a chance to give the franchise a fresh set of legs? Get it off your chest below...


    • gonzoBen

      Dec 15th 2010, 10:38

      This is a shame. I have a great fondness for the two IM films and Big Fav. I hope Marvel see sense and get a suitable replacement i.e not Paul Weitz ;)

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    • BabyDiego

      Dec 15th 2010, 11:21

      Yeah this is dissapointing, as Favreau always seemed genuinely interested in the Iron Man franchise, and although Iron Man 2 was a bit of a let down, I still feel he would have had the fan's best interests at heart. His use of Twitter and such shows his honest commitment to pleasing fans, which is refreshing in the days of Celebrity. I for one was surprised that such a rookie was given the big job, but he has shown (as a movie lover) that he understands what makes an enjoyable "Comic Book Film", so I wish him all the best for the future.

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    • QuietLife

      Dec 15th 2010, 12:44

      I agree with 2 of your choices there but Chris Columbus?! Are you kidding?!? I'd love to see Peter Weir's take on it though.

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    • matty2392

      Dec 15th 2010, 17:44

      sad sad news just hope RDJ doesn't quit as well. I would like someone like Neil Blompkamp or Duncan Jones.

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    • MadMatt

      Dec 16th 2010, 2:04

      With all the interference he had to put up with during the making of Iron Man 2, not to mention the shortened pre-production period, unfinished script, cast changes and convenient leaking of his salary demands to the online press during negotiations, no wonder Favreau's had enough of them. First they shunt him off The Avengers, now this. Such a shame, because he built the modern Marvel movie and paved the way for their current success; he should have been given the freedom to make the epic final film he has been talking about since the first one opened. Marvel do seem to be astonishing cheapskates who treat the talent poorly (look at Howard and Norton). Anyway, once the dust has settled, anyone who has seen Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang would surely agree that Shane Black is the ideal replacement, especially if he's allowed to write it, too.

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    • LedleyBoi

      Dec 16th 2010, 5:20

      what?! no....... ive had it with Marvel bringing in new Directors (and cast), look what they are doing with the NEW Spiderman, Fantastic 4 and possibly the new Punisher movie? I just wish companies would stop changing directors and actors, it ruins the franchises. . . . . . just look at Transformers 3, god knows what that will look like with changes to cast again

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    • therealeverton

      Dec 18th 2010, 2:37

      Ok it's a bit of a cheek putting Ron Howard I'n the same class as Peter Weir, but the guy has some skills. Chris Columbus though is at best. Spider-man Isn't a Marvel production it's Sony and Fantastic Four is Fox, plus how can a total redo of the abysmal FF movies be a bad thing. This is bad news and Marvel are getting a bad rep as Scrooge type cheapskates.

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    • BruceShark

      Dec 18th 2010, 22:11

      Marvel keep on shooting themselves in the foot don't they.

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    • ilikescifi

      Dec 19th 2010, 2:25

      I think the cast is strong enough to be without Favreau, Downey Jnr holds it together, and the director is being selfish by asking for so much money. Favreau is not solely responsible for the film's success, yes he makes it very cool and masculine but he doesn't choreograph or execute fight scenes very well. Were there any good battles in IM1? The final batle in IM2 looked like bad Transformers.

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    • Nigelaw

      Dec 22nd 2010, 2:00

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! WTF is going on at Marvel. Without Favreau's insistence, RDJ wouldn't have even been in the movie that he made his own in a good way. Here's hoping a change of director means at least maintaining the standard like Greengrass did for the Bourne Movies after Liman walked; and Not another fiasco X-men Last Stand (Can you hear me Ratner?). It doesn't bode well for the Avengers either.

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    • kondomuser

      Jan 6th 2011, 4:26

      I hate changes in cast especially damn Don Shedle sucks a*s i hate that guy.And a good director for this crapy story is very hard to find MISTAKE in my opinion .I think comic book movies are dying and mostly because of retarded moves like this By Marvel and others

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