Iron Man writers signed to reboot TMNT

Being reimagined as a Transformers-style franchise


Iron Man scribes Art Marcum and Matt Holloway have been hired by a Turtle-powered Paramount to “reimagine” the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for a new live-action adventure.

A source over at Deadline report that the studio is “looking at this as its next huge franchise, like Transformers”. Sounds epic. Let's just hope they're referring to the mammoth fights and quirky humour of the first, rather than the sell-out train wreck of the second.

Considering the writers have been offered a cool $1m for the job, we imagine Paramount are looking to spend a pretty penny or two on the potentially profitable reboot.

The studio have ordered a first draft by October (a quick turnaround for Hollywood), with 2012 earmarked as a release date.

No details what the story angle will be for these new heroes in a half shell, but expect an origins story for kiddies who missed the turtles the first time around - and hopefully some wry adult wit for those of us who are still kids on the inside. So long as Shredder and Splinter are present and correct, we’ll be happy nippers.

Turtle power! Excited for the new TMNT? Or think it should crawl back into its shell?

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    • Rosewood09

      Aug 20th 2010, 10:30

      I'm hoping they make it a bit darker and a little less child friendly. Something along the lines of the original Eastman and Laird Comics

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    • Rosewood09

      Aug 20th 2010, 10:35

      Sadly, it's unlikely due to the fact the merchandising possibilities if aimed at kids will rake in the cash

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    • RaveyDaveyGravy

      Aug 20th 2010, 12:46

      You want a film about mutated talking turtles with Ninja skills who are guided by a wise old rat to be 'darker and a little less child friendly'?

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    • mcghater

      Aug 20th 2010, 13:02


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    • ANPCooper

      Aug 22nd 2010, 15:50

      In terms of the origin story; industrial waste/ pollution might still work for the turtles and Splinter but how are they going to explain a big guy running around with sharp weapons calling himself Shredder? Will he perhaps be a disgruntled ex office worker who was trying to destroy confidential documents when he fell into the jaws of the machine?

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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 22nd 2010, 21:24

      Dont get your hopes up. The last Iron Man film was a joke. The end boss was elmininated after 2 minutes, despite Mickey Rourke spending most of the film building the gorram thing.

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