Is Bond 24 teaser a fake?

Come And Dive into a mystery...

UPDATE: We've spoken to Sony, the Bond 24 teaser is indeed a fake - just as we thought. Expect an official announcement soon. For the full story so far, see below. 

Bit of a strange one this. We've received a press release announcing the title of Bond 24 - which is apparently called Come And Dive.

We say apparently, because something about the release feels very off.

It includes a teaser trailer, which appears to consist of recycled footage. Which would make sense, as it doesn't start filming until October.

For example, this moment looks like a zoomed and flipped version of this eye-roll from Bond's Olympic video.

Look at the head movement again during that close-up of Craig's face in the Come And Dive video, it feels unnatural, like it's been reversed. 

But the main thing that's setting off our spy-sense is the relatively low-key nature of what's a fairly huge reveal. Where was the fun fanfare? The press conference? Also, why isn't the video hosted on Sony's official YouTube channel?

Oh, and then there's the fact that it contains a song that's clearly supposed to sound like a theme tune, which is usually a huge reveal of its own - it's not even mentioned in the press release. 

One thing's for sure, we'll be following this as it develops...

Is it a fake? Tell us below!


    • tonyebikemejr

      Mar 20th 2014, 16:38

      big time fake.

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    • edouardduban

      Mar 20th 2014, 19:13

      The Artist behind the Video is Benedict ! Loved her song

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    • garyu2

      Mar 21st 2014, 20:18

      Ach, who cares? I'm not even excited to see the actual movie when it arrives. These new Bond's (since Casino Royale) are sooo dull. There's no humour, cool gadgets, memorable Bond-girls or fun villains (everything that made James Bond actually fun). I actually long for the campy-quips we used to get rather than dull-Bond-tracks-not-scary-Banker we get now. Even Skyfall was forgettable.

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