Is David Tennant Bilbo Baggins?

Doctor Who’s in the frame...


When we first saw the news that David Tennant had left the cast of Burke And Hare, we thought it was pretty weird.

After all, Tennant's only at the start of his post-TARDIS film career, surely he shouldn't already be backing out of projects at the last minute.

Especially ones that sound as awesome as Burke And Hare. He was a title character (Hare) for Daleks' sake.

That is, unless the thing he's going on to do is guaranteed to be absolutely massive. Something he couldn't turn down. A career-maker. A Hobbit.  

If you look closely at Simon Pegg's lovely (but sadly now deleted) Tweet that broke the story, the clues are there.

“David Tennant had to drop out of B&H but by sheer glorious serendipity a legend of Middle Earth and Skull Island has come aboard. Welcome AS"

So, Tennant has to drop out - presumably because he's been offered a role he can't turn down - and the Tweet that announces it contains both a reference to Middle Earth and confirmation that the person replacing him will be someone who has a far more flexible Hobbit filming schedule (Andy Serkis).

Tennant would be an absolutely perfect fit for Jackson's LOTR universe.

He's a brilliant British thesp who's unknown enough in Hollywood not to bring baggage to Baggins, yet who still has a massive fantasy following. He's as at home spouting Shakespearian soliloquies as he is fighting giant spiders.

And we can totally see him getting on with the new boy Guillermo del Toro.

We’re calling it. If David Tennant isn’t Bilbo, we’ll eat a second breakfast.

If he is, what do you think? If he isn’t, who should be?



    • Scannain

      Jan 21st 2010, 14:34

      Isn't that Tweet saying that Andy Serkis has replaced Tennant in Burke and Hare? I don't see how you get Bilbo from that.

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    • acousticjs

      Jan 21st 2010, 14:36

      Surely Simon Pegg was referring to someone who has joined the cast of Burke And Hare - looks to me like he's saying Andy Serkis has joined the cast or "come aboard". He being, of course a legend of both Middle Earth and Skull Island (King Kong). That said, David Tenannt wouldn't be terrible - but he'd also need to chubby up a little bit, given that hobbits are partial to food and he's about as skinny as the proverbial rake...

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    • sashurst

      Jan 21st 2010, 14:42

      @Scannain @acousticjs We're not saying Simon Pegg's Tweet said that Tennant's in the Hobbit, we're saying Simon Pegg's Tweet said that Tennant's leaving Burke And Hare. Then we're pondering on what could possibly be big enough to make him drop out of a project that seemed to have a perfect part for him... Then we're realising how even more perfect he'd be for Bilbo. :)

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    • Tarnimus

      Jan 21st 2010, 14:56

      Probably find that Del Toro/Jackson suggested Serkis as an alternative as a way of placating the Burke & Hare team, who would otherwise have been a bit miffed. Tennant would indeed be spiffy as Bilbo.

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    • Scannain

      Jan 21st 2010, 15:00

      I still think it's wrong to call...not even a rumour...just a complete stab in the dark, news. It's not something I'd expect from a venerated film publication.

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    • ArneStarr

      Jan 21st 2010, 15:05

      David recently filmed a pilot for NBC called "Rex is Not Your Lawyer," so MAYBE it's gotten a pickup now that NBC has 5 hours for scripted programming back....

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    • disappointed

      Jan 21st 2010, 15:15

      Venerated? I didn't know Total Film had an STD! Great casting rumour by the way, hope it's true!

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    • racshade

      Jan 21st 2010, 15:19

      It's far more likely that it's because of "Rex is Not Your Lawyer". A television shooting schedule would keep him wrapped up and unable to work on other projects.

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    • govenorarnold

      Jan 21st 2010, 15:59

      My wife tweeted me to say that we're not having stew tonight, but we're having fish and chips instead. Stew is short for Stewart, aka Patrick Stewart. Therefore I think Patrick Stewart is going to join The Hobbit.

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    • Grace87

      Jan 21st 2010, 17:08

      The tweet also contains a reference to Skull Island. From King Kong. The King and I starred Yul Brynner. Yul Brynner starred in the Magnificent Seven. Se7en starred Kevin Spacey. Kevin Spacey was in 21 with Laurence Fishburne. Laurence Fishburne was in Mission Impossible 3 with Simon Pegg. Therefore Simon Pegg is simply confirming that he has been cast as Bilbo Baggins.

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    • apbgreen

      Jan 21st 2010, 18:03

      Think you'll all find the clue is in the word 'serendipity'.

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    • scabo33

      Jan 21st 2010, 18:33

      It clearly means andy serkis is joining the cast? would be a great casting though!

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    • finchy9

      Jan 21st 2010, 18:55

      simonpegg via twitter: "Dear news vultures picking thru my banal tweets for scraps of relevance, I am NOT in Harry Potter but I am the new Q in James Bond. (FALSE). " lol!

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    • cleanbreak

      Jan 21st 2010, 20:10

      David Tennant would be fantastic, except for the little matter that he doesn't look in any way like Ian Holm. If it's true, 'The Hobbit' may be a very different beast to LOTR in tone and style.

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    • r0rshach

      Jan 21st 2010, 20:20

      Please Jesus, no!

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    • yosarian25

      Jan 21st 2010, 22:07

      Hey, acusticjs, rakes aren't proverbial, they're real.

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    • alwrighto

      Jan 22nd 2010, 6:46

      I still think Philip Seymour Hoffman should be the hobbit.

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    • d-tox

      Jan 22nd 2010, 9:06

      God I hope not, I must be one of the few people who has failed to see what he can do as an actor. On TV (where bad overacting is allowed) maybe but he has never done anything worth mentioning when he has stepped up to the Big Screen.

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    • dwaynerobinson

      Jan 22nd 2010, 11:34

      I think he would be great in The Hobbit, but not as Bilbo Baggins, i don't think he looks the part, and Bilbo Baggins being the main character i don't think he is capable of being the lead man in a film of this magnitude yet.

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    • Ali1748

      Jan 22nd 2010, 12:22

      David Tennant would be perfect as Bilbo Baggins. I hope to god he's been offered the part or will be.

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    • Mozkiwi

      Jan 24th 2010, 10:56

      Well... if you're basing it all on the word "serendipity," {see 11.apbgreen), then it's obvious John Cusack is Bilbo Baggins! Perhaps Jeremy Pivens (we're getting warmer!)... naw... surprise! It's Eugene Levy!!

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