Is Man Of Steel hiding a secret villain?

Spoilery speculation afoot…

While most superhero films usually have their beans spilled by eagle-eyed photographers as soon as cameras start rolling, Man Of Steel has managed to keep its cards pretty close to its spandex-clad chest.

However, a new line of LEGO products may have let the cat out of the bag concerning a possible secret villain to be encountered by Superman in his upcoming outing.

Michael Shannon is already in place to play General Zod, but he may be accompanied by another sinister figure from the comics, since LEGO are set to release a set entitled “Superman Black Zero Escape”.

As fans of the comic-books will know, Black Zero is the name of a super-villain known as a “space-saboteur”, who not only destroyed Krypton but also had his eye on doing the same to planet Earth.

It should be pointed out that not all of LEGO’s forthcoming sets are directly movie related (there’s an Aquaman one, after all), but that hasn’t stopped fanboys from speculating that Zod might not be the only villain to tangle with Supes.

Directed by Zack Snyder and starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe, Man Of Steel opens in the UK on 14 June 2013. How many more secrets will be unravelled before then?

Do you think LEGO have spoiled a surprise, or is it mere coincidence? Speculate away, below!


    • AlfredsDream098

      Sep 24th 2012, 6:30

      Could be an Avengers sort of thing? Chances are he could be introduced in the end credits.

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    • Ali1748

      Sep 24th 2012, 6:55

      I doubt it WB aren't as patient or creative as Marvel when it comes to laying the foundations for JLA. After all we almost had that George Miller JLA with a B list cast a couple years back.

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    • passion4movies

      Oct 4th 2012, 19:04

      Hopefully nothing really gets leaked out. I've been waiting for this movie for ages. I saw a lot of stills, photos and clips for rises and built that movie up. And look how that turned out.

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