Is Monsters Inc 2 a prequel?

New synopsis suggests as much

monsters inc 2

Pixar seem to be going sequel crazy at the moment, what with Toy Story 3 receiving much applause last year, and Cars 2 revving onto screens later in 2011.

But Monsters Inc. 2 could be a departure for the studio, with new information suggesting it could actually be a prequel, rather than a follow-on sequel.

Disney Central Plaza report that a shiny new Disney film catalogue contains a brief synopsis for the kiddie scare-em-up, which reads:

Monsters Inc. 2will take us back to before a time when Mike Wazowski was top comedian, before James P. Sullivan was top scarer, even before the buddies joined the MI workforce.

In fact it takes us all the way back to school — the University of Fear to be precise. Although the two start out as frenemies,
Monsters, Inc. 2will weave the tale of how the dynamic duo transition from rivals to BFFs.’

As we all know, though, Pixar plotlines are wont to change during pre-production, so this could easily just be a prototype plot.

Now when are we going to get Incredibles 2, eh?

Sequel or prequel? Which do you prefer? Tell us below...


    • OverAndOut09

      Jan 4th 2011, 16:47

      I hope it's a prequel, it already sounds interesting :) plus how are they going to make a sequel? And, YES, where is Incredibles 2?

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    • TheChicagoWay

      Jan 4th 2011, 16:56

      BFFs? Frenemies? Ye gods.

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    • fuzzydunlop1

      Jan 4th 2011, 22:14

      I want Incredibles 2, dang-nabbit!

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    • deedeedragons

      Jan 5th 2011, 0:57

      "BFFs" , "Frenemies" ? Is Gossip Girl working for Disney now?

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    • Gus93

      Jan 5th 2011, 22:53

      i really hope they do an Incredibles 2!! loved the first one!!

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    • GhostDog

      Jan 6th 2011, 12:39

      "Pixar plotlines are wont to change..." Once again, excellent grammar TF.

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    • HarrietPotter

      Jan 9th 2011, 1:56

      A Monsters Inc 2, in any shape or form, is the Pixar Sequel I have been waiting for! Screw The Incredibles, that film was shockingly boring in my opinion! Whatever they decide to do with this one, I'm sure I'll like it :)

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    • thanerosse

      Jan 9th 2011, 9:46

      I'm sort of glad they're making a prequel instead of a sequel, the original Monsters, Inc ended so perfectly I would be annoyed that everything would be messed up in the next film. There already is bits and pieces of backstory floating around which they were going to include in the first film but ended up putting in the commentary etc. so it seems like they have a pretty solid ground to stand on. Can it still be called Monsters Inc 2 if it's a prequel though? Name change maybe? Also GhostDog, wont is correct here. Look it up.

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