Italian posters for 12 Years A Slave criticised

Appear to focus on white stars

A series of Italian posters for 12 Years A Slave have been roundly criticised for appearing to focus upon the film’s white cast members.

A poster featuring a prominent image of Brad Pitt, a supporting player at best, is at the centre of the controversy, with leading man Chiwetel Ejiofor hardly getting a promotional look in.

The poster appeared on one blogger’s Tumblr page, accompanied by the comment, “I don’t remember Brad Pitt being the protagonist of the film or having such a pivotal role in the story to stay in the middle of the poster…”

Another poster gives Michael Fassbender a similarly prominent billing, while once again, Ejiofor remains little more than a footnote.

Directed by Steve McQueen and co-starring Michael K. Williams, Quvenzhané Wallis and Scoot McNairy, 12 Years A Slave will open in the UK on 10 January 2014.

What do you think of the poster? Tell us, below!


    • Ali1748

      Dec 24th 2013, 12:49

      If it gets people to see the movie then who cares?

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    • Knother

      Dec 24th 2013, 18:18

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    • darthnixa

      Dec 25th 2013, 3:08

      I don't think it's about racism... It's just, Brad Pitt sells movies.

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    • CaptainCrazy

      Dec 25th 2013, 18:27

      If I were to disregard the race issue then I will say the posters misrepresents the film ( we are way past the 80's VHS era). To address the issue directly, I will say this is wrong on so many levels. Chiwetel is the star and should be billed as such because (1) changing the billing in Italy will hardly make or break the film and (2) this is The Sapphires issue all over again and should be avoided especially if you are fishing for Oscars.

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    • CharsmatcEngma

      Dec 26th 2013, 13:44

      I think we are missing the main issue here.....look how badly photo-shopped Mr Pitt is in this.

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    • aaronobrien

      Jan 2nd 2014, 17:10

      Not only is that horrifically photoshopped, Brad Pitt is only in the movie for like 10 minutes.

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