Jack Bauer heads to the big screen

State Of Play writer hired for 24 movie…


There’s been talk of a 24 movie for a while now.

But, finally, Kiefer Sutherland seems to have twisted Fox’s arm enough to force the studio to hire a writer for the project.

Step in Billy Ray, best known for contributing words to the scripts of last year’s cinematic State Of Play and Jodie Foster’s Flightplan.

What of the ticking clock? According to the producers, the film will be “a two-hour representation of a day”. Uh, so just like any other movie, then.

The plot’s reportedly set in Europe, though insiders have told Variety that there are “a number of factors influencing how quickly [the film] moves ahead, including the fate of the TV show”.

Also, will Jack even survive the show’s eighth (and possibly ninth) day? If there’s a potential movie franchise in the works, we’re sure his life’s pretty safe.

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    • teekay

      Feb 9th 2010, 12:36

      24 hours in 2 hours? seriously? whats the point in that? might aswell just make another 24 episode film and fast forward it. 24 had 24 episodes for a reason, which the company clearly forgot about. this way its gonna be another crime/cop/fbi thriller with no essence

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    • mattburgess

      Feb 9th 2010, 18:13

      Teekay - Who gives a sh*t? It's either gonna be a 2 hour film covering an entire day, or they'll have to change the name of it to '2' instead of '24'. It's a film. It's got Jack Bauer. It could be a GREAT film. You want it or not? The tv series can't go on forever, why not finish off with a good film or two? Stop complaining, sit back, enjoy.

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    • Rosewood09

      Feb 10th 2010, 12:54

      Love 24 and while I'm dubious of a film being made if it's a swan-song for the Jack Bauer character what better way to do it than with a (no-doubt) action-packed 2 hour thrill ride in the vain of John McLane's escapades. who says the film needs to be set over a 24 hour period though just because the series was, they could easily keep the well-known ticking clock/split screen format of the series, and just set it over a shorter more intense "real-time" period of Jack Bauer's life. Think it would be essential to involve the existing TV series' writers in any big-screen adaptation though.

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    • philo74

      Feb 10th 2010, 19:06

      A "24" movie would be incredible. More violence, swearing and action. Kiefer Sutherland is the right guy for the job. His bio, "Living Dangerously" is so good (Check it out on amazon.com). Kiefer has lived a wild life and seems very dangerous. Maybe he'll show us more of his dangerous side on the big screen.

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    • magnusbarfod

      Feb 11th 2010, 15:03

      Josh "Hack" Winning does it again! Wooo! Great going my man! I mean, not only are you three days late with this story - EW reported this on the 8th - but you've even managed to get the details wrong! "Kiefer Sutherland seems to have twisted Fox’s arm enough to force the studio to hire a writer for the project." Nice...except that, as EW tell us: "an insider confirmed that the film side is in talks with Billy Ray...to write a screenplay for the franchise. Word is the scribe came in and pitched his version of the flick." Yeah, arm twisting galore! Oh, and what the hell is going on with: "“a two-hour representation of a day”. Uh, so just like any other movie, then." So, all movies are two hour representations of a single day? Movies like 2001? Zodiac? Paths of Glory? There Will Be Blood?...ah, you get the point. Winning, I don't know how you do it. How did you get this job? And more importantly, how do you keep hold of it?

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    • magnusbarfod

      Feb 11th 2010, 15:05

      Oh, and anyone actually wants some analysis of the story that's worth a damn, things like audience figure breakdowns, Sutherlands musings, where the current writing team are at and so on, here's the link to the EW article. http://hollywoodinsider.ew.com/2010/02/08/breaking-news-24-movie-inching-closer-to-reality/

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    • alexr

      Feb 12th 2010, 11:54

      For a while now, Kiefer Sutherland and the producers of '24' have been trying to come up with 'the right ending' for the series. With talk that they may now make season 9 (depending on the story they come up with), this would give the creative team a good idea of the direction to take the series' (and Jack Bauer's) finale. Kiefer has said in the past that a 'movie would be a fitting send off for Jack', and I can see them ending a season with a potential cliffhanger (like seasons 2, 5 and 6) and end on a movie - possibly killing Jack off. It is the only way the movie would work in the context of '24'. Just carry on the events of the last day. One thing is clear though; they will have to make a movie that not only pleases fans of '24' but also allows access for people who have not been fans... Perhaps they should get Joss Whedon to write the movie...

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