Jaden Smith talks M. Night Shyamalan’s next film

One Thousand A.E. is futuristic journey

Karate Kid

M. Night Shyamalan may not be the most popular moviemaker working today, with his Last Airbender widely considered the worst movie of the year.

But he’s pressing forward anyway with the mysterious One Thousand A.E., which (thankfully?) has not been penned by the auteur himself, but by Book Of Eli’s Gary Whitta.

It's also being overseen by Will Smith as a starring vehicle for his son, Karate Kid star Jaden, who has just spoken to Entertainment Weekly about the project.

“We’re reading the script right now,” Jaden reveals. “I don’t want to give it away because that wouldn’t be tight, but it’s set in the future and it’s about a journey.”

Seems like Night is sticking to sci-fi terrain, then, though any details beyond that are pretty much non-existent for the moment. Which is "tight". We think.

Anyway. We’re hopeful that the director can pull back his withering reputation considering he’s working with a script by another writer, as well as Hollywood good boy Will – though it’ll take some doing to get Night back to the respected filmmaker he was circa Unbreakable.

Can M. Night redeem himself? Tell us below...


    • Grinch11

      Nov 23rd 2010, 10:40

      The only way that Night can achieve redemption is by taking all responsibility as a filmmaker away from him, that makes sense. What the producers of this mustn’t do is allow him to put his name as the titles pre-fix. Regardless of how good he used to be (and I consider everything up to and including The Lady in the Water to carry merit) his name is toxic to cinemagoers now. So let them go and see a Will Smith produced film starring that lad from The Karate Kid, hopefully enjoy it, and then go, “oh, that was made by THAT guy”. That'll be the big twist they didnt see coming!

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      Nov 24th 2010, 18:26

      best thing, don't let this director or child actor near another film EVER again!

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