Jai Courtney joins Terminator: Genesis

He’ll play Kyle Reese

Terminator: Genesis has cast its Kyle Reese, with Jai Courtney signing on to join Alan Taylor’s new take on the well-loved sci-fi series.

Earlier this month we discovered that the casting process had narrowed the field down to just Courtney and Boyd Holbrook, and now Variety reports that the former has won out.

Courtney takes on the role made famous by Michael Biehn in the original film, and will line up alongside Emilia Clarke and Jason Clarke as Sarah and John Connor respectively.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is also scheduled to return in what is set to be the first instalment in a brand new Terminator trilogy, although specific plot details remain limited at this stage.

Directed by Taylor, Terminator: Genesis will open in the UK on 26 June 2015. Have your boots, clothes and motorcycles at the ready…

Is Courtney a good pick for the role? Tell us, below!


    • Gimmeshelter

      Feb 20th 2014, 11:51

      I loved the first two films, T2 being in my top 3 films of all time and the only film when first rented on vhs 22 years ago watched 3 times back to back as it was just amazing, think I've seen it now about a thousand times in various cuts of the film , the third was just a massive F**k You to all fans, the name Carry On Terminator comes to mind, Salvation depsite the poor editing ,Christian Bales Dark Knight growl, McGeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's directing, Sam Worthingtons half human terminator talking to skynet and the dodgy Cgi Arnie and T-800, was still better than 3 and made a good start to what could have been the future wars between Skynet and the resistance. Anton Yelchin who played the young Kyle Reese fitted in , it worked . So why even bother recasting him , even more with Jai Courtney he looks nothing like Michael Biehn , wrong build ,face everthing about him is wrong, He was awful in Die Hard 5 , if they go with this alternate universe idea and reboot it from the start in 1984 I think it's gonna be toned so much to get a PG-13 and 12A rating so kids can get in to theatres ,its gonna suffer and make the franchise a massive joke like so many remakes, reboots before it. The only one in my opinion which has worked was Rob Zombies version of Halloween not better than the original but even on the level of shocks and how it made Michael Myers a cool serial killer again. T1 and T2 were R rated movies about unstoppable machines with no emotion or remorse and one goal to wipe out the human race. This new one needs to be the same without screwing over the fans of the first two and the vision that James Cameron introduced us to 30 years ago, otherwise it's gonna be the same story all over again when the studio's have to reboot it again in another 5 years . Make it an adult film for adults not kids.....rant over

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    • apo1978

      Feb 20th 2014, 13:35

      You know what? Fook this sheet!

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    • Ali1748

      Feb 20th 2014, 15:57

      Don't mind this choice, from what I've seen of Jai's work he's a solid actor.

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    • apo1978

      Feb 20th 2014, 16:47

      Nothing against the casting, just the whole premise. Another shameful remake/ reboot/ whateverthef*ckitis

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