James Cameron chats Avatar

While promoting the tie-in console game…

Speaking at the games convention E3, James Cameron has premiered the first look at the Avatar game that will tie-in with the film.

He also spoke a little bit about the movie, and you can find the video of him chatting it up below.

“Avatar the story takes place in the 22nd century,” says the director. “Pandora is not actually a planet – it’s the largest moon of a gas giant planet. It as 1,000-foot tall trees and a myriad of creatures, some of which are quite beautiful and some of which are quite terrifying.”

Get more in the video below, and check out some of the game’s screenshots in our gallery to the right.

[Source: Ubisoft]

Can Avatar live up to the hype? Will you buy the game?


    • BenCh

      Jun 2nd 2009, 12:02

      sounds epic.

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    • NickyC

      Jun 2nd 2009, 13:42

      I always think it's dumb when magazines ask whether something, anything can 'live up to hype'. It's YOUR HYPE! The media generates interest in order to generate revenue. You don't know what Avatar is yet because it's under wraps, so how can it be or not be what YOU report it MIGHT be. It's not Avatar's job to live up to hype, it's YOUR job to stop generating interest by asking DUMB questions! Raise your game!

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    • asfm1

      Jun 2nd 2009, 15:15

      Game versions of films are awful 99% of the time and Ubisoft hasn't released a great game since 2003. I seriously, seriously doubt this game will be any good.

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