James Cameron developing new sci-fi epic

Avatar director planning next move


James Cameron's long-awaited 3D epic Avatar is finally unveiled to the world next week, and the director may already have another project lined up.

Sticking to what he does best, the movie is being billed as an "'event' film set in space" by Production Weekly.

The film will be based on a script by Shane Salerno.

It has been described as: "An epic science fiction adventure in the vein of The Seven Samurai involving a group of aliens and humans with various abilities who are brought together to save Earth".

Sound right up Cameron's street! It's not yet known where this will fit alongside Cameron's plans for Battle Angel Alita.

Salerno has previously worked on Ghost Rider, Armageddon and (ahem) Alien vs Predator Requiem.

Source [Production Weekly via slashfilm]

Eagerly anticipating Cameron's next move? Or waiting to see how Avatar turns out before getting too excited? Tell us below...


    • sleepwalker

      Dec 10th 2009, 12:54

      Shouldnt that be '(ahem)Ghost Rider,(ahem) Armageddon and (ahem) Alien vs Predator Requiem.'

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    • apo1978

      Dec 10th 2009, 13:14

      Is this 100% confirmed? Doesn't the great JC usually like to write his own scripts? Not sure I like this Salerno chap's track record...

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    • MadMatt

      Dec 11th 2009, 2:05

      Salerno will probably just get a story credit and Big Jim will rewrite it all himself, I expect. I hope!

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    • blackrainpr

      Dec 15th 2009, 4:10

      it sound cool and (ahem)The king of World never goes wrong!

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