James Cameron nearly directed Jurassic Park

Says his version would’ve been “much nastier”

James Cameron has revealed that he was within touching distance of directing Jurassic Park, and had plans to make a “much nastier” version of Michael Crichton’s classic dinosaur story.

To be honest, listening to what Cameron had planned for the film is an interesting glimpse into a parallel movie universe.

“When I saw the film,” says Cameron, “I realised that I was not the right person to make the film, [Spielberg] was. Because he made a dinosaur movie for kids, and mine would have been Aliens with dinosaurs, and that wouldn’t have been fair.”

“Dinosaurs are for 8-year-olds. We can all enjoy it, too, but kids get dinosaurs and they should not have been excluded from that. His sensibility was right for that film. I’d have gone further, nastier, much nastier.”

Aliens with dinosaurs? While that does sound intriguing, it's hard to imagine it bettering Spielberg's blockbusting (family-friendly) thrillride. This'll certainly be one of those movie 'what if?' concepts we'll daydream about for some time though...

Would you have liked to have seen Cameron's version of Jurassic Park? Tell us, below!


    • pushesmybuttons

      Sep 14th 2012, 7:07

      I think when Cameron says "mine would have been aliens with dinosaurs" he means his version of Jurassic Park would have been similar in tone to 'Aliens'. I seriously doubt he would have added actual aliens into a dinosaur flick!

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    • BobTheSkull

      Sep 14th 2012, 7:48

      Yeah, I too get the impression he meant 'in the tone of Aliens'. I think I'd have quite liked a more brutal Jurassic Park, actually. I know they couldn't go too far, considering their target audience, but still...

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    • ilikescifi

      Sep 14th 2012, 8:09

      but they never went anywhere darker with the sequels. The opening scene of The Lost World was promising, with the rich little girl getting eaten, but that was about it. The bit with Trex downtown was self parody

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    • gwales

      Sep 14th 2012, 9:02

      Ha! That's obviously what he meant, isn't it? Better do a quick amend - well observed guys!

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    • MattMaytum

      Sep 14th 2012, 9:10

      @pushesmybuttons @BobTheSkull Agreed, the story's been amended to reflect that.

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    • ChrisWootton

      Sep 14th 2012, 10:29

      Nobody does blockbusters like Spielberg. The tone was just right, his ability to fill a "family Friendly" movie which so many disturbing scenes is testament to his skills. I remember seeing it for the first time (I was an adult) and s******g myself when the T-Rex appeared. Mr Cameron would've bought something else to it for sure, sounds like it could've been interesting.

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    • chrisboulton666

      Sep 14th 2012, 10:54

      I loved JP when it first cam out, (I was around 6 or 7), and my 7 year old sister now loves it too, but watching it now, I'm not sure if it is that family friendly. It's g*****n terrifying, and quite graphic at times.

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    • SiMan

      Sep 14th 2012, 13:00

      It's not just the tone that made it a success though - it had that Spielberg touch, his ability to use the film-making craft to play with the audience (the opening shot with the trees russling and a crate instead of the expected dinosaur being revealed, the vibrating water cup, etc) - I'm in no way suggesting Cameron is not a good film-maker, i personally think he is one of the greatest ever, but his most memorable moments come maybe more from spectacular visual moments rather than clever camera work/angles. It would have been a very interesting film to watch and no doubt it would have been a massive hit, but I don't think he could have made a better film than Senor Spielbergo

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    • ThrashGordon

      Sep 14th 2012, 13:33

      Would have been nice to see Bill Paxton or Lance Henriksen in Jurassic Parc!

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    • Bixbyla

      Sep 14th 2012, 14:35

      Bill Paxton is one of the many things that atmospherically brings down Aliens. I'm wanting to concentrate on the story but all I hear is him being a whiny git. "Hey MAAAN, WE'RE DONE FOR MAAAN, MAAAAAN!!". I'd find it abhorrent if he was being chased by a T-Rex shouting "I'M f****d, MAAAAN!"

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    • Trickycustomer

      Sep 14th 2012, 14:53

      I think the JP novel goes into a lot of detail and in places seems quite graphic with the killing of characters, even more so with the lost world (King's demise). I think cameron would have definately gone closer in detail to the novel than spielberg did with his version which tbh skips a lot of the book!

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    • dex2010

      Sep 14th 2012, 15:27

      Thank god Spielberg got there first!

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    • Ali1748

      Sep 14th 2012, 17:02

      I can just picture it now Arnie fighting a T-Rex with his bare hands.

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    • DravenCage

      Sep 14th 2012, 21:17

      ... and winning.

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    • Hadouken76

      Sep 15th 2012, 0:06

      ...with the "You're History,"

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    • Ali1748

      Sep 15th 2012, 1:10

      Arnie grabs a grenade and throws it inside the T-Rex's mouth and quips "chew on this."

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    • M8goo

      Sep 28th 2012, 18:34

      Mine would have been aliens with dinosaurs!....and the man says that like its a bad thing!!!!! I loved jurasic park hated the sequels! but would still love to see camerons take....hell make it and call it by another name!

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