James Cameron to begin filming Avatar 2 in 2013

The start date is in sight

After discussing the future of the Avatar franchise, and indeed his future career as a filmmaker, for month upon month, James Cameron will finally begin filming on Avatar 2 in 2013.

Cameron has revealed that he’s currently putting the finishing touches to the scripts for the next two films, and hopes to have both completed by February, with filming pencilled in for the end of 2013.

“I want to get these scripts nailed down,” says Cameron. “I don't want to be writing the movie in post production. We kind of did that on the first picture, I ended up cutting out a lot of scenes and I don't want to do that again.”

He also mentioned that 48 FPS is a technology he’s thinking of employing on the sequels, depending on the reception it gets from audiences exposed to it in The Hobbit.

“If there is acceptance of 48, then that will pave the way for Avatar [sequels] to take advantage of it,” he said. Never one to miss a technological trick, is our James…

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    • revan1138

      Nov 29th 2012, 13:08

      can't say i'm bothered if these ever get made.first one was quite boring and drawn out.

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    • SiMan

      Nov 29th 2012, 13:33

      Regardless of whether you enjoy his films (i personally loved Avatar) you've got to admire the fact that he is usually one of the fore-runners in advancements in film-making technologies/processes. He always looks to push the boundaries of what has been seen on the big screen before.

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    • ilikescifi

      Nov 29th 2012, 13:33

      i want more Avatar. i appreciate the level of detail

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    • Ali1748

      Nov 29th 2012, 13:38

      People seem to forget that Jim is responsible for two of the greatest sequels ever created in Aliens and Terminator 2, I have faith in him.

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    • Hadouken76

      Nov 29th 2012, 16:20

      I quite liked Avatar and the 3D was spot on, nothing rushed. But there is a risk with 2 or even 3 sequels, Cameron is entering Lucas' Milk-it-until-its-dust territory

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    • FBJRider

      Nov 29th 2012, 16:28

      "I don't want to be writing the movie in post production. We kind of did that on the first picture". You can't tell at all...

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    • FBALeal

      Nov 29th 2012, 16:48

      Okay this goes out to all who liked Avatar. I was rather indifirent to it and I really do not care for sequels. I feel like the story had a conclusion. But anyway, I wonder, what can Avatar 2 and 3 bring to the table story wise? Maybe I am missing something.

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    • zxcomplex

      Nov 29th 2012, 18:19

      Avatar was only ok for me, however I am interested to see what Cameron comes up with for the sequel's. What I am not liking is the time between movies, if filming starts in 2013 it will be at least 2015 by the time it hits the cinema. That is just too long for me to wait.

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    • chrysler

      Nov 29th 2012, 20:24

      Avatar was pretty good in the cinema where the 3D papered over the cracks in the script, but after watching it again on dvd the substance required for repeat viewing (that is present in T2 and Aliens) just isn't there, I've seen 2 or 3 various films since in 3D and they pretty much all fail to match the spectacle of 3D that avatar achieved. Hopefully the sequels will combine good 3D for cinema spectacle, and an engaging script for a lazy rainy day dvd re-watch.

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    • josephdarnell

      Nov 29th 2012, 22:45

      Avatar was good-looking, but not much else. Cameron admits the film suffered from writing the script during the principle photography, which is always a bad move. I hope this second film makes a lot more sense then the last.

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    • Lampost

      Nov 30th 2012, 1:59

      I didn't like the first one much, but I'm excited to see where this can go now. I think the first one was literally just set-up and experimentation so the sequels will hopefully be able to deliver us some proper quality entertainment. Fingers crossed it's a good'un.

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    • Siban1982

      Nov 30th 2012, 9:58

      Avatar only deserved an Oscar nomination for its visual/ special effects (and deserved to win in that field) but nothing more. Like Titanic I found it way too overrated and the amount of people who now that say "it was alright" is just evidence that this trilogy is simply a cash-in on a glorified, well advertised franchise. I mean did it really deserve 5 stars Total Film? It's OK, you don't need to answer, obviously you were paid. I use to be excited to see what he would do with Battle Angel Alita but now I don't want to know. Anyway, regardless, if this was still the James Cameron of the 1980s and early 90s then I would be really excited for this trilogy and wouldn't of hated the first Avatar film but this is the new James "George Lucas" Cameron... bye!

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    • NickyC

      Nov 30th 2012, 10:25

      I didn't really appreciate Avatar until I saw the Special Edition at the BFI IMAX. Not because of the technology or the 3D, but because there was an 8 year-old kid (accompanied by his parents as it's a 12A) behind me that knew every line of the script and every moment before it happened. That's exactly what I was like with Star Wars at that age. Then it struck me, Avatar wasn't made for ME. Avatar is the most sophisticated family movie ever made and James Cameron is a genius with story structure, able to deliberately nail a very wide demographic that keeps both genders of most ages entertained for 2.5 hours. So, although Avatar is not my favourite movie by a long chalk I totally get why it's so popular and will be very much looking forward to the arrival of the sequels. I think I'll take my nephews with me on the next one too.

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    • 2Dglasses

      Nov 30th 2012, 12:54

      Camerons sequels are normally good, but please, no more evil corporation conspiracies-its tedious. Na'Vi fighting each other?

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    • ilikescifi

      Nov 30th 2012, 14:08

      NickyC wow i couldn't have said it better. as for sequels, maybe some other planets/alien races fared better in their dealings with the mining companies. maybe some pairings were really successful and went on to take over other planets together. who knows in which thrilling planets thy unobtanium lie waiting to be warred over

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