James Franco and Anne Hathaway performing Grease tribute?

Oscar hosts could get musical

oscars 2011

James Franco and Anne Hathaway could very well be journeying back in time to recreate a classic scene from musical Grease for this Sunday’s Academy Awards.

Footage of the pair re-enacting that film’s climactic carnival scene has been posted online by Franco himself, who we all know likes to play around with cameras.

It's most likely that this is footage of the Oscar hosts filming a segment for the ceremony, but could it be something else?

Check out the footage for yourself below…

The 2011 Academy Awards go live this Sunday 27 February.

Hosting? Or coasting? Looking forward to Franco and Hathaway hosting this? Speak to us below...


    • Hadouken76

      Feb 24th 2011, 16:22

      For a change any one of the contenders would be worthy of the prize, (unlike the debacles of Chicago, Crash and Shakespeare in love) just as long as Jennifer Lawrence wins the Oscar.

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