James Franco and Michelle Williams float away in new clip from Oz: The Great And Powerful

Try travelling by bubble

Oz The Great And Powerful has released a new clip in which Michelle Williams takes James Franco on a wild ride across the landscape of Oz from within his very own bubble.

The new scene appears to serve as a kind of introduction to the lush and verdant backdrops Sam Raimi has created for his land of Oz, with the sequence likely to gain a certain amount of oomph on the big screen.

It’s not quite so effective on a laptop, but you still get a good impression of how Raimi’s vision of Oz will play out…

Take a look, below:

The new film will follow Franco’s struggling illusionist, who finds his hot air balloon drifting towards Oz after a freak storm. Here, he is hailed as the great sorcerer he had always dreamed of being, but he’ll also have to deal with a trio of witches who aren’t so easily impressed…

Directed by Raimi and co-starring Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Zach Braff, Oz: The Great And Powerful will open in the UK on 8 March 2013.

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