James Franco joins Your Highness

Re-teaming with some of the Pineapple Express gang

James Franco has joined the cast of Danny McBride’s new comedy Your Highness.

The movie will also see him working again with David Gordon Green, who directed him on Pineapple Express and is behind the camera for Highness.

McBride wrote the film with regular collaborator Ben Best, and it follows a spoiled, mouthy prince (guess who) in a fantasy medieval world.

He's forced to get off his lazy behind and join his more heroic brother (Franco) on a quest when an evil wizard enchants their father and kidnaps the elder prince’s fiancee.

Green will start shooting the movie this summer in Northern Ireland and if his schedule allows it, Franco might also snag a role opposite Julia Roberts in romantic drama Eat, Pray, Love.

[Source: Variety]

Excited to see more from the Pineapple team? Or are they overexposed?


    • iluvartielange

      Apr 2nd 2009, 3:43

      I am definately loving James Franco after Pinepple Express, and Danny McBride...Eastbound & Down is my new favorite show on television (though 6 episodes to start made my viewing pleasure way too short!!!) This movie ought to be truly badass!

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