James Gunn explains Thanos role in Guardians Of The Galaxy

“He works with Ronan”


James Gunn has been talking about what we can expect from Guardians Of The Galaxy, and explains just how Thanos will fit into his movie.

“Thanos is a character in our movie,” begins Gunn, confirming that his film will be the first to fully develop the set-up at the end of The Avengers.

“He works with Ronan [The Accuser]. In my movie Ronan works for Thanos, and Ronan is the main bad guy in our film.”

Looks like Thanos will remain in the background of proceedings then, with Lee Pace’s Ronan as his emissary. Meanwhile, Gunn has also been discussing the effects side of the film, promising plenty of practical shots as well as CGI…

"We have a prison set that is 350,000 pounds of steel," says Gunn. "Our sets are enormous. Anybody who knows me knows I really love the mix of practical and CGI effects.”

“We have tons and tons of practical effects… I can't wait for people to see it because it's astoundingly beautiful."

Guardians Of The Galaxy will open in the UK on 1 August 2014.

What are you hoping to see from Gunn's film? Tell us, below!


    • nigellockett

      Nov 6th 2013, 20:10

      Thanos is always in the background so I would not build any hopes of seeing too much of him. I hope Thor will face off to him in avengers as Thanos is much stronger unless Thor weighs odins belts which multiplies his strength x 100. Kurse kicked Thor's bottom way to easily in the film

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    • chibik

      Nov 7th 2013, 5:52

      Whether the baddie is the bigger baddie or the biggest baddie, this movie is gonna rock!

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    • trist808

      Nov 7th 2013, 10:01

      @nigellockett, Kurse was always formidable in the comics, he kicked Thor's bottom all over the shop in the classic Walter Simonson stories and that was kinda the point - Thor goign up against someone who was more than his match, even able to bat Mjolnir away. It was good to see Thor goign toe-to-toe with a foe who could give him a proper fight ... and Thanos could t**t Kurse around all day, he's THAT powerful ... hence Thor will need his Avenging buddies to help out (in the Avengers 3 I reckon) :)

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    • trist808

      Nov 7th 2013, 10:02

      Not sure what's up with my "goign" ... *going (lol) :)

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    • nigellockett

      Nov 7th 2013, 19:50

      I agree but a little more of a fight would have been good but they did avoid the superman chaos. Thor has beaten Thanos on his own but he was really really p****** and had Odin power help. I think this would not fit in the semi grounded film world

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