James McAvoy calls 3D “a waste of time”

Isn’t a fan of post-conversion either

james mcavoy

James McAvoy has revealed that he’s not as keen on 3D as some of his Hollywood contemporaries.

While talking with Deadline, the actor failed to hide his distaste for the format, going so far as to call it a “waste of time and money”.

“Thank God this movie [X-Men: First Class] is not in 3D,” he said, “which is just an excuse to charge an extra ten bucks at the theatre.

“Then in the end, they're not 3D at all. The idea of things coming out of the screen and making you jump out your seat are done very well, but I think it's a waste of time and money and I wouldn't pay for a ticket to go to one of those films.”

The actor showed he knows what he’s talking about by citing Clash Of The Titans as an example of poor post-conversion jobs:

“I maintain you can't do a good conversion of a two-hour movie with high quality in a few weeks like they tried to do with Clash Of The Titans.”

We couldn't agree more, though it seems Macca's forgotten he's lending his voice to Aardman Animation's upcoming 3D movieArthur Christmas. Oops.

Agree with Macca? Or think 3D has its redeeming qualities? Talk to us below...


    • smellyhands

      Jun 20th 2011, 14:31

      Love the way down below in the Related section you have "James McAvoy cast in Aardman Animation’s 3D flick". Suppose he'll still do 3D for the pay cheque.

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    • projectionist82

      Jun 20th 2011, 16:48

      finally someone to speak out about 3D...... I really don't like it that much either sadly as money talks 3D is here to stay.... we all have an opinion of the technology and its process yet we will still pay and go and see it!!!! McAvoy in animation 3D.....not the same it's his voice being used not him on screen.

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    • smellyhands

      Jun 20th 2011, 18:30

      But hes only really complaining about films that tack on the 3D effect after the film has been made just to try and make a few extra quid. I was only pointing out the irony of him slating 3D and then being cast in a 3D film.

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    • ptb2009

      Jun 24th 2011, 12:01

      Totally agree with James. I have only seen two 3D movies worthy of the extra money, animations apart that is. Only 2 that had properly filmed 3D that looked three dimensional, Avatar and Pirates 4. Most so-called 3D movies are just like watching something slightly out of focus, make me angry, and give me a headache. Just there so cinemas can rip us off and charge more.

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    • JohnJDuffy

      Jun 24th 2011, 12:41

      I give 3D 18 months

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    • bazman05

      Jun 25th 2011, 1:10

      I'm not impressed by 3D at all and I can't wait for the day when the numbers flocking to this "money making gimmick" starts to drop, but something tells me I shouldn't hold my breath.

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