James Purefoy goes medieval

He’ll star in action thriller Ironclad

Now that film has found its financing James Purefoy can star in 13th century-set thriller Ironclad.

He’ll play a Knight Templar who, along with his heroic band of seven warriors, defends Rochester Castle against the tyrannical King John.

Paul Giamatti has signed on to play the king, and the cast now includes Bob Hoskins, Richard Attenborough, Pete Postlethwaite, Colm Meany, Angus McFadyen and Narnia’s William Moseley.

The film had been gearing up to shoot late last year when the money to make it fell through.

But now, with rights company ContentFilm International pushing at the Berlinale market, the movie is back on track for a summer start.

Our concern is that the frenzy for swords ‘n’ sandals action epics has been past for a while – even Ridley Scott couldn't make Kingdom Of Heaven (above) win at the box office. Can Ironclad succeed?

[Source: THR]

Do you want to see more knight-based action? What medieval tale would you film?



    • Pennydouglas

      Feb 8th 2009, 16:26

      James Purefoy is one of the most awesome actors I have ever seen. I loved him in ROME, and as a matter of fact, I can't get enough of him in that! I know that he make this role one of awe inspiring excellence! To make a comment regarding can this movie succeed, compared to Kingdom of Heaven, yes it can and it will. I am very big fan of Kingdom of Heaven and it is one of my favorites too. I am so glad that James Purefoy is in this movie because he is one of the best actors of our time. He commands the screen, captivates his audience, exhilirates his fans, (especially me), and leaves a lasting impression in our minds. His performance as Marc Antony in Rome is timeless. I loved him in Blackbeard, Terror at Sea. He should be considered to do some more pirating!! I can't wait to see this movie and get my hands on a new movie with him in it. I watch ROME episodes every night!! Love it! I will be looking forward to a very nice Birthday present come December to see Ironclad, and hoping that soon, Soloman Kane will make it's way to the USA big screen. Penny Douglas

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    • flossyflo

      Jun 21st 2010, 20:02

      I sincerely hope that this film is a big box office success as James Purefoy has kindly sent me a script signed by many of the cast(James Purefoy,Paul Giamatti,Brian Cox,Mackensie Crook,Sir Derek Jacobi and Charles Dance).We will be hanging on to it until after the film is released and then hopefully realising it's monetary value for our charities St Margaret's Hospice,Royal British Legion,Help for Heroes and the Royal Navy and Royal marine's Charity.

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