Jane Levy and Bruce Campbell talk Evil Dead

The trees will be back...

Evil Dead recently gained a replacement for Lily Collins in the form of Jane Levy, and the star of US show Shameless has wasted little time before waxing lyrical about her love for the franchise.

“I'm so excited," she said. "I'm a big fan of the original. To me it's the scariest movie, ever. But this one is really different. They've changed it a lot, but it's still a pretty gory movie. My mom probably can't see it!”

“As for the tone,” she continues, “I think the humour in the first one came from the special effects of the time. I don't know that they meant it to be funny...this one is not funny. It's definitely dark.”

Meanwhile, Bruce Campbell has also had a bit to say, albeit briefly, confirming that the malevolent trees of the original will be making a reappearance, and that, “they’re not terribly well-behaved this time either.”

Girls, you have been warned… stay away from the shrubbery! Evil Dead will begin shooting in New Zealand later in the year, and will open in the US on 12 April 2013. A UK release date has yet to be confirmed.

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How do you think the remake is shaping up? Tell us your thoughts, below.


    • MorganRoss

      Feb 20th 2012, 9:20

      Humour in the first one? The first one was a flat out horror; trees don't do that to women in comedies! I bet this idiot's assuming the second film IS the first one. This film is not needed. What's next, A remark of Citizen Kane?

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    • FBTWiseman

      Feb 20th 2012, 10:42

      Oh, no... Another actress who knows absolutely nothing of the original film series. As long as she screams and takes off her shirt, people will be happy. Evil Dead fans, we get the f-you.

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    • RaveyDaveyGravy

      Feb 20th 2012, 13:08

      speaking as an Evil Dead fan, if she screams and takes off her shirt, I'll be happy.

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    • RaveyDaveyGravy

      Feb 20th 2012, 13:09

      Pointless remake 'shock' - yawn

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    • stuxmusic

      Feb 20th 2012, 13:18

      "this one is not funny" No point in doing it then, is there? If you take the humour out of Evil Dead it'll just turn into another cabin in the woods horror which I'm sick to death of.

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    • JamieTSB

      Feb 20th 2012, 14:26

      This simply does not need remaking, you might aswell try to remake the wheel. Its pointless, but no doubt stupid people without imagination will go along, spend shedloads of money and we'll be treated to another overextended serial of idea-less dirge for years to come. Can somebody please be original. It'll probably be in nausea inducing 3D aswell just to put a few more pennies in the coffers. Waste of time.

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    • RaveyDaveyGravy

      Feb 20th 2012, 14:53

      JamieTSB - yes I agree a waste of time, as are virtually all the recent horror remakes. Unfortunately though, they are not targeting you, me and all the others who love the original. They are targeting the mass majority who have heard of the Evil Dead but would never watch a film that is more then 5 years old never mind 30 odd.

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    • cleanbreak

      Feb 20th 2012, 17:15

      For me a remake's pretty pointless, Evil Dead 4, with Brucie cakes (what, Ash can't get older?) and now we're talking. Obviously girls screaming, taking their shirts off, an R rating and the humour would also be part of the deal. I mean replacing Bruce Campbell's Ash would be like casting Shia LaBeouf as Indiana Jo... Oh wait...

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    • Ramah

      Feb 21st 2012, 15:54

      A remake doesn't negate the original. I can never understand all the "fans are getting shat on" talk whenever a remake comes along. People aren't forced to watch it. And anyway, if Bruce Campbell is involved in some way then there's a glimmer of hope.

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