Jason Statham would "slap Bond around"

Bond and Bourne no match for Transporter

Jason Statham is Britain's hardest action export, so it's about time someone asked him how his Transporter character would fare against Britain's biggest action export. Surprise surprise, he reckons he'd win.

Click the gallery to your right to see some reasons we agree with him.

"Oh, he’d slap old Bond around a couple of times, wouldn’t he?” says Statham of Transporter 3's Frank Martin.

Own fight scenes

“You know, it’s difficult to say but we do a lot of our own fight sequences and we keep it pretty realistic and pretty cool. We don’t have many stunt doubles. Not to take anything away from what the Bond franchise people do, but I know they work with a lot of stuntmen and we tend to get stuck in and do our own stuff.”

But what about the other super-spy franchise, Bourne? Could Martin beat him in a race, say?

“A road race?” Well, it’s gonna be me looking in the rear view mirror I suppose!”

Hit the gallery to your right to see some pictures of Statham looking tough and carrying girls. We think he's brilliant.

[Source: MTV]


    • Andy5150

      Nov 25th 2008, 22:19

      Ahhh, the ongoing question of who holds the status of Alpha male? Comparing 'organ' sizes would obviously be too simple, and beneath the intellectual conceit of this article, so lets just get 'em oiled-up and have them b***h-slap each other into submission. Lovely!

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