Javier Bardem getting villainous on Wall Street?

And more plot details for Oliver Stone’s sequel

Javier Bardem is back in the bad guy business, it seems – he’s co-starring in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street Sequel.

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Bardem will play a ruthless Wall Street hedge fund manager whose dodgy dealings cause Shia LaBeouf’s character’s mentor to off himself.

And we also have more details on the current version of the story – which has been penned by 21 scribe Allan Loeb.

Seems Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) is fresh out of prison and on the edges of the financial community. He’s reduced to prophesising the end of the boom on his old stomping grounds.

Sadly for him, no one is listening, but he sees a chance for redemption (and a shot at reuniting with his estranged daughter) when LaBeouf comes asking for his help.

Stone will kick off shooting on the film in August and while Deadline’s Nikki Finke thinks it would be ace if Sean Young were to return to the role of Gekko Jr, we doubt Stone would want to try after the problems they had on the first film…

[Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily]

Excited about a Wall Street sequel? Or not fussed?

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