Jeff Bridges confirmed for comic adap R.I.P.D.

Filming kicks off in September


Jeff Bridges has officially signed on to star opposite Ryan Reynolds in undead comic adaptation R.I.P.D.

He'll play the role of Roy Powell, which was originally landed by Zach Galifianakis before his schedule forced him to depart the project. Powell is described as a gunslinger who’s been dead for hundreds of years.

The movie’s plot follows the Rest In Peace Department of the law, whose job it is to monitor the activities of the undead population.

Reynolds has long been attached to the role of Nick Cruz, a recently deceased law man who’s out for revenge.

Though R.I.P.D. has been sitting in pre-production for what feels like an age, it’s finally going in front of camera this September, with filming taking place in Boston.

Considering both Bridges and Reynolds are known for their smart mouths and their effortless charm, R.I.P.D. could just end up being the most charismatic movie of 2012.

Glad Bridges is on board? Does he suit the character better than Galifianakis? Talk to us below...


    • jimmer83

      May 26th 2011, 10:05

      WOAH! anyone else skim the page and read Jeff Bridges R.I.P? that freaked me out for a second.... don't toy with my emotions TF.

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    • ScottFree

      May 26th 2011, 11:00

      hahaha....I had the same thing....weird!

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    • smellyhands

      May 26th 2011, 12:26

      Yip very same damn thing happened me too.

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    • Illustratedman

      May 27th 2011, 16:05

      Thank God that Zach Galifianakis is out, he's way overused and not that talented as a movie actor, perhaps better as a straight comedian though I doubt it. Yes, having Jeff Bridges on-board with this film just upped its chances of success.

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    • writerdave87

      May 28th 2011, 15:52

      Galiafinakis is a stand-up, and a pretty good standup, but I'm getting very tired of him as an actor. Hangover 2 I spent most of the film wanting them to kick the crud out of him.

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