Jesse Eisenberg cast as Lex Luthor in Batman vs Superman

Jeremy Irons to play Alfred

Holy smokes!

After much, much speculation, Man of Steel 2 / Batman vs Superman has finally found its Lex Luthor - and it's someone no-one had seen coming, The Social Network's Jesse Eisenberg.

Not only that, but Jeremy Irons is officially locked down to play Alfred, Bruce Wayne's (Ben Affleck) trusty man servant.

Stop sniggering at the back.

Even if the casting is surprising, we think Eisenberg has a lot of potential, and should be able to bring the mental posturing and arrogance needed to portray Superman's greatest villain.

Not only that, but we spoke to Eisenberg back in October for the forthcoming release The Double, and while we were there, we just so happened to ask him about Batman vs Superman.

Now, is it us, or does it seem like he knew all along that he was in the running? Watch the video below and let us know what you think!

Man of Steel 2 / Batman vs Superman is set for a release of May 6 2016.

 Do you think this is good casting? Let us know below!


    • Ali1748

      Jan 31st 2014, 18:13

      Ok that's it I give up, Affleck as Batman fine but Eisenberg as Lex Luther ARE YOU f*****g HIGH?????? Warner Bros are completely ruining the DC stable.

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    • matthewbrady

      Jan 31st 2014, 18:42

      I have no hope for this movie now :( .

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    • trist808

      Jan 31st 2014, 18:48

      I think this is wrong/bad casting, sorry but I can't see how he fits Lex Luther's character. He plays the same in every film, a nerotic Woody Allen wannabe ... and that isn't how Lex should be. What happened to all the other good choices, Cranston for instance? I'm with Ali and Matt on this, it feels all wrong

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    • BiDDY

      Jan 31st 2014, 18:52

      I am still looking forward to it. I remember when Heath ledger was cast as joker and everyone said they wouldn't watch The Dark Knight, and look how that film is rated

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    • kevinclare

      Jan 31st 2014, 19:01

      often refusing to jump on the miscasting bandwagon, but for this one i'm really not hopeful for at all. Still got reservations about Affleck but now i'm really concerned. I hope to god I am wrong! Good luck to all of them I hope I come back in a couple of years and say they were right!

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    • trist808

      Jan 31st 2014, 19:05

      I wasn't one of those people, I thought Heath Ledger was always going to be excellent as The Joker, and he was, because he gave a tremendous performance and actually acted differently to anything he'd done before, but I can't see that from Eisenberg. I hope you're right Biddy and two years from now I'll happily concede, but my gut feeling is what it is and in my opinion, Ledger was 10 times the actor Eisenberg is, so it's not a good comparison anyway .... again that's just my opinion of the guy.

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    • Ali1748

      Jan 31st 2014, 19:26

      We wanted Heisenberg not Eisenberg!!!!

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    • heckymander

      Jan 31st 2014, 19:42

      bring back michael rosenbaum!

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    • jamiestogden

      Jan 31st 2014, 20:00

      I've got no objections whatsoever to Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman but the rest of the casting news is just confusing. Nothing really sits well. In particular why a younger Luthor when they've cast an older Wayne? I also feel a little sorry for Henry Cavill, could have been a brilliant role for him but it looks like he's being left behind. I'm struggling but will continue to try and keep any negativity to a minimum until I at least start seeing any footage in 12 months or so...

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    • SiMan

      Jan 31st 2014, 20:50

      Am I the only one that thinks this could be an inspired casting choice? As TF said in the article, the arrogance and mental flexing he showed in Social Network was pretty impressive. And I think he could look quite imposing if he went bald. Could be interesting...

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    • donaldwilliams

      Jan 31st 2014, 20:53

      "we think Eisenberg has a lot of potential, and should be able to bring the mental posturing and arrogance needed to portray Superman's greatest villain" I can hear the cogs in Abe Foxman's head churning round and round with that obvious stereotypical statement.

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    • declancowzer

      Jan 31st 2014, 22:04

      WTF? are they trying to ruin this movie? this is nearly as bad as having Arnie playing Dr Freeze!. Have they not seen Breaking Bad ????? Jeremy Irons would probably do a good Alfred but not Michael Caine good!

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    • Hadouken76

      Jan 31st 2014, 22:35

      How will the star of Social Network know how to play an evil, corrupted billionaire? Hmmm.. I have no idea..

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    • Ali1748

      Jan 31st 2014, 23:39

      Look I like Jessie but I don't find him a particularly versatile actor. Ledger had already shown prior to TDK that he was more than just a teenage heartthrob (Brokeback anyone). Luthor isn't just your generic villain he's suppose to be charming and suave enough to have presidential aspirations. I just don't see any of Luthor's qualities in Eisenberg, he's not that charismatic nor is he menacing enough to look like a believable threat to Henry Cavill. I know studios would be out of business if they listened to the fans but frankly WB/Snyder aren't inspiring much confidence with these choices. Affleck is a divisive choice but at least he's vastly improved since the DareDevil days. Gal Gadot isn't a horrible choice but she's not exactly Amazonian material. But Eisenberg, that just feels like a huge F U to the fans. We've went from Joaquin Phoenix and Brian Cranston to this, smh.

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    • anant

      Feb 1st 2014, 0:44

      forget acting chops!! age, height, physique, does the kid look like lex luthor? i mean at all? maybe its a ploy, maybe affleck has been cast as wonder woman, jeremy irons as batman, and jessie eisenberg as alfred. that would make more sense than this!!

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    • batt101

      Feb 1st 2014, 3:14

      You have to laugh, are they serious? Still I keep having to remind myself its a Snyder movie and MOS was a disappointment so why will this be any different. I feel sorry for all the faithful DC fans out there, the whole approach has been wrong from the start.

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    • CaptainCrazy

      Feb 1st 2014, 12:04

      Here's a first for the internet - I love this casting. It's left-field and peeked my curiosity. I hope the final product will be as interesting as the choices being made.

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    • Ali1748

      Feb 1st 2014, 14:50

      Jeremy Irons as Alfred is good casting, that makes me look forward to the inevitable Batman solo outing.

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    • Fozzy

      Feb 1st 2014, 23:25

      I like it. He'll at least be an interesting choice. Joaquin Phoenix was too big for the role (he'd just do his gladiator thing), Bryan Cranston was only in it because he looks bald and menacing in the marketing for Breaking Bad. Don't forget that Eisenberg is actually 30 now, which makes him the same age as Cavill (and for the record I f*cking hated Smallville). I think Eisenberg can pull off sociopathic and charming (in The Social Network he seemed like he was so frustrated he wanted to staple Andrew Garfields head to the table during the depositions). These days, comicbook mythology is arguably more resonant to a general audience on screen, and they absolutely should be trying something new. Why don't we see what he does with the character before we all decide the film will suck a*s. Or would you rather have Gene Hackman's comedy Lex, or Kevin Spacey's phoned in performance? Oh and by the way, I'll bet everyone of you that are slagging him off a tenner that you'll still pay to go the cinema to see how good/bad he is, and at least half of you will change your minds. so Snyder has already owned you. Just my opinion.

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    • chibik

      Feb 3rd 2014, 5:52

      Columbus as Superman's nemesis. This should be interesting!

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    • Mck123

      Feb 3rd 2014, 9:33

      Summer 2008, leaving the cinema after TDK, got to be one of the best blockbuster cinema experiences since The Empire Strikes Back. Innovative, exhilarating and in many ways capturing all that is good about Batman and DC. So many ideas to explore what a set up!. Maybe there was only one way to go, but seriously this just gets worse and worse. And then DC have managed to handed it to Marvel.. The pretentious, up its own a@se TDKR followed by the dull MOS and then the castings news on this film has been just absolutely crazy. What are they playing at? Have WB and DC just run out of ideas and are casting the most eclectic cast to appeal to the widest audience with no due care to the characters. Seems as lazy as Nolan casting his mates from Inception for inappropriate roles in TDKR.

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