Jim Caviezel joins The Tomb

He'll be keeping Sly and Arnie in check


The Tomb will see Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sly Stallone reunited on the big screen, but interestingly, the next piece of casting has not involved another musclebound beefcake, but character actor Jim Caviezel.

The film is set in a maximum security jail, designed by Stallone’s wrongly-imprisoned architect. Using his knowledge of the building’s inner workings, Stallone sets about trying to escape, aided and abetted by fellow inmate Schwarzenegger.

Caviezel will play the prison warden the two will have to evade, so chances are he’ll be practicing his sneering and snarling in readiness for the role. Meanwhile, producer Mark Canton has talked up the cast, and what we can expect from the movie.

“For me, The Tomb is a big deal,” he says, “ because I always wanted to have Sly and Arnold together. The Expendables is fantastic but [here] they’re really mano a mano, like in Heat, or a movie of that quality.”

Whether or not the finished product turns out to be of similar quality to Michael Mann’s masterpiece remains to be seen, but for fans of old-school action, this reunion should get the adrenaline pumping once more. The Tomb will open in 2013, with a full release date to be confirmed.

Are you looking forward to seeing Sly and Arnie together on the big screen? Share your thoughts, below.


    • EddieFelson

      Feb 22nd 2012, 12:33

      Hmm "like in Heat" I doubt it... nice to see optimism is alive and well though

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