JJ Abrams talks Mission: Impossible 4

He’s producing, but not directing. Yet…

It’s been rumoured for ages, but now JJ Abrams has begun officially talking about a fourth Mission: Impossible film.

Blabbing to TV Guide, Abrams says he’s on board as a producer: “I am incredibly honoured that Tom has invited me back as a producer on 'Mission: Impossible 4,” while also saying that he hasn’t signed on as director this time round.

So what will the fourth film focus on? Oh, come on… This is JJ Abrams we’re talking about! Do you think he’d roll out a full synopsis?

From the sounds of it, they’re still in the very early stages. “Tom and I have come up with a really cool idea we are pursuing," he tells the mag.

So it looks like Cruise really will get back to his money-spinning franchise after all.

And as for Abrams? Well, he said he was originally only going to produce Star Trek, and look what happened with that…

[Source: TV Guide via SpoilerTV]

What do you want from a fourth MI film? Do you want one at all?


    • ashley.russell

      Jun 11th 2009, 13:15

      nope. boring dated franchise that should just be left to die

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    • Joker

      Jun 11th 2009, 13:34

      i agree its c**p

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    • nicknocks86

      Jun 11th 2009, 15:35

      MI3 was a big improvement on 2, really enjoyed it, but not sure about a 4th, if its done right then it might just be a winner

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    • NickyC

      Jun 11th 2009, 15:50

      I disagree entirely. 3 was cool and I enjoyed the fact that we got to see Hunt's personal life. With a bit more believable espionage stuff I think a fourth instalment would be welcome. So there! But 2 is still p** and always will be!

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    • mattburgess

      Jun 11th 2009, 17:08

      Yes please :-) I don't know why, I just have a soft spot for it. With the incredible number of rubbish movies out there, I've come to believe that different people just "get" different types of movies, or they don't. And I totally "get" Mission Impossible. Don't know why, just love 'em. Apart from MI:2. What a piece of cr*p.

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    • badblokebob

      Jun 12th 2009, 12:33

      I wouldn't mind a fourth M:I, I've enjoyed every film so far. Especially the second, actually -- always baffled me why it's so disliked/hated. But I hope Abrams doesn't direct. Not just because his talents aren't immense (stop shaking the g*****n camera about), but also because Cruise has previously said that they deliberately chose a new director for each film because they wanted them to have a different feel and style. Maybe it was just spin because they keep changing director, but I also think it's true -- each film is very different, much more so than in your typical big franchise, and that's a good thing.

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