Joe Carnahan directing The A-Team

Fox still aiming for that 2010 summer release

Clearly hoping that its plan has at last come together (sorry), 20th Century Fox has nabbed Joe Carnahan to direct The A-Team.

Ridley and Tony Scott plan to produce the film, which the studio wants in cinemas by June 11, 2010. So no pressure, then.

The A-Team has had a long and troubled history in development – John Singleton was the most recent director trying to wrangle it on to the screen.

Now Skip Woods is starting over with the script and Carnahan wants to be filming by this June, and the movie will switch the team’s origin from Vietnam to the Middle East. Watch the video below for more on their story:

The director seems convinced he can make it work: "You can make a film that reflects on the real world without losing the great sense of fun, and the velocity of action in a classic summer popcorn film," Carnahan told Variety. "Having Ridley and Tony on board lends considerable weight to that and classes up the whole project."

Plus, he jumped at the chance to re-work one of his olf favourites: “This was a coveted property, and re-imagining a show that I remembered as a kid was tough to turn down. Fox hired me to make it as emotional, real and accessible as possible without cheesing it up."

Now we’re hoping the Carnahan curse  - at least two films have collapsed since Narc – mixed with the A-Team’s troubles don’t derail things again.

[Source: Variety]

Fantasy casting time again! Who do you want as BA? Face? Hannibal? Comment!




    • UniqueNewYork

      Jan 28th 2009, 10:02

      Hannibal - Dennis Quaid BA - Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Murdock - Sam Rockwell Face - Christian Bale

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    • NickyC

      Jan 28th 2009, 15:16

      F*ck casting, what about the VAN!

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    • Kobayashi

      Jan 28th 2009, 15:51

      Definately Sam Rockwell for Murdoch, cant see anybody else doing it as well as him

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    • Mickey6chins

      Jan 28th 2009, 18:34

      Hannibal - George Clooney Murdock - Will Ferrell or Steve Martin Face - Matt Damon BA - Robert Downey JR (what do you mean you people)

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    • Wintersvortex

      Jan 28th 2009, 19:13

      BA- Ving Rhames

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    • theGlimmerTwin

      Jan 29th 2009, 0:34

      Hannibal - Bruce Willis BA - Michael Clarke Duncan Murdock - Billy Bob Thornton Face - Steve Carell Willis has that sparkle in his eye to be Hannibal, Duncan can do intimidating and fun, Billy Bob looks just as mental and hillbilly as Dwight Schultz and is a brilliant actor and I think Carell could take on the challenge of the Face with interesting results!

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    • theGlimmerTwin

      Jan 29th 2009, 1:00

      This game could last :P Thought of another cast! Hannibal - Edward Norton BA - Djimon Hounsou Murdock - Sasha Baron Cohen Face - James Franco Norton is always a good idea, Hounsou I considered before, if there is anyone who could do the madcap multi-character thing it's Cohen and Franco is a good looking quality actor so ticks all Face's boxes.

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    • GrandiaKnight

      Jan 29th 2009, 11:20

      I read somewhere else that Ridley Scott was actually directing. That would have been interesting! Gladiator meets The A Team!

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    • Scorchio

      Jan 29th 2009, 12:11

      Hannibal - Mel Gibson BA - Ving Rhames Face - Christian Bale Murdoch - Jim Carrey Perfect casting really, Edward Norton as Hannibal have you been smoking crack sir?

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    • freshjim

      Jan 29th 2009, 13:01

      Hannibal - George Clooney BA - Ice Cube Murdock - Colin Farrell Face - Leonardo dicaprio

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    • whateverman

      Jan 30th 2009, 11:51

      Hannibal - George Clooney or Bruce Willis BA - Micheal Clarke Duncan or The bloke who plays the dad in everyone hates chris. Murdock - Johnny Knoxville Face - Brad Pitt

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    • oisinlawrie

      Mar 16th 2009, 21:35

      Hold on.....Mr T is still awesome! Don't be too quick to rule him out.......OK maybe not, but who wouldn't love to see that!? As long as it's not a bloody rapper! I think Clooney would be best for Hannibal. Good shout for James Franco as Face. I think Sascha Baron Cohen would be a great Murdoch.

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    • dogchasingcars

      May 13th 2009, 12:36

      Hannibal - Michael C. Hall (dexter) BA - Ving Rhames Face - Robert Downey Jr. Murdoch - Vince Vaughn Colonel Lynch - Bruce Willis Colonel Decker - George Clooney Captain Crane - Quentin Tarantino Amy Allen - Elizabeth Banks Dont know if that would work, but i tried to make sure it was unconventional and different...

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