Joe Wright in the frame to direct Fifty Shades Of Grey

Relationship with Universal counting in his favour

Joe Wright could become the man to bring E.L. James’ whips-and-chains saga 50 Shades Of Grey to the big screen, with THR claiming that the Anna Karenina director has become the favourite to take the helm.

Wright has a long-standing relationship with Focus and Universal, who have paid $5 million for the rights to the first novel in the series, and his track record with the studio is thought to have him in their thinking once more.

If Wright does end up bagging the job, it will be a blow to Gus Van Sant, who was so keen to adapt the film that he recently filmed a reel of test-footage featuring his chosen leading man, Alex Pettyfer.

Whether or not Wright himself is so enthused by bringing the frothy saga of Anastasia Steele (that name...) and Christian Grey to the big screen remains to be seen, although as the film will surely be a financial slam-dunk, it might be hard to turn down.

London-based screenwriter Kelly Marcel is currently adapting the first novel into a screenplay, while Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti are producing. Hopefully we’ll have a director confirmed sooner rather than later...

Would Wright be a good pick to direct? Tell us, below!


    • zxcomplex

      May 10th 2013, 14:25

      Looks like a cinema full of horny women so! Single men loitering around outside looking to get lucky. That is one movie I will never be interested in watching.

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    • Hadouken76

      May 10th 2013, 17:17

      Should be Adrian Lyne, he's the only one that can get away with pulpy salacious guff.

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    • Ali1748

      May 10th 2013, 17:53

      Does that mean Soarsise Ronan or Keira Knightley could be in line to play Anastasia Steele ?

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