John Carter gets three new banners

Meet the Martians

The publicity juggernaut for Disney’s John Carter shows no sign of grinding to a halt, with three new banners arriving hot on the heels of the poster and trailer released earlier this week.

The new banners focus on the weird and wonderful creatures Taylor Kitsch’s eponymous hero will meet on his adventure, including the ferocious White Apes and Willem Dafoe’s Tars Tarka.

We like the washed-out colour scheme on display in these new images, even though (as many of you pointed out yesterday) there’s more than a hint of the later Star Wars films about the film’s general look.

Hopefully that comparison will prove only to be skin deep when John Carter arrives in UK cinemas on 9 March 2012. Meanwhile, you can check out all three banners below…

Are you worried by how similar Tars Tarka looks to a certain Gungan buffoon? Share your thoughts, below.


    • magicwings

      Dec 2nd 2011, 12:27

      Sure, everyone may be complaining that it looks like Star Wars but 1. Star Wars Episode 1 trailer looked like the original trilogy. Not a hint. It's a trailer, for f**k's sake. 2. It's Andrew 'Finding Nemo' Stanton directing, not George 'Franchise-f*****g Moron' Lucas.

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