John Goodman will play a bad guy in The Hangover 3

Robert Downey Jr. and Sean Penn could cameo

The Hangover 3 is set to add a new cast member to its wolf pack, with Variety reporting that John Goodman is set to appear in a villainous role.

Goodman is currently in talks to play a minor part as a bad guy, with the report describing him as “an antagonist in the vein of the character Paul Giamatti played in Hangover 2”.

Meanwhile, director Todd Phillips is apparently keen to bring a couple more big names into the fray, with Robert Downey Jr. and Sean Penn on his hit list as potential cameo merchants.

If they can be persuaded to sign on the dotted line, the duo would join returning cast-members Heather Graham, Sasha Barrese, Mike Epps and Ken Jeong, all of whom are set to reprise earlier roles alongside the four primary characters.

Filming on the sequel is set to begin this September, with the film currently slated to open in the UK on 24 May 2013. And then presumably we can start talking about Part Four…

Is Goodman a good addition to the cast? Tell us, below!


    • liamio2802

      Aug 17th 2012, 8:05

      Anyone know if those rumours of it being set in Ireland are in any way true?

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    • Heisenberg

      Aug 17th 2012, 8:11

      So by "an antagonist in the vein of", we can safely assume, exactly the same as. As in, this movie will be exactly the same as the other two.

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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 17th 2012, 9:27

      The Hell's Satans!

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    • Ali1748

      Aug 17th 2012, 12:44

      I heard it was going to be set in Tijuana.

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    • thejonner

      Aug 19th 2012, 11:44

      I'd rather like this film not to be made at all. Couldn't everyone involved just do something - anything - else instead?

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    • Ali1748

      Aug 19th 2012, 21:49

      Not when they're each getting paid $15 mill for this.

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