Johnny Depp joining The Tourist?

Yet more changes for the thriller…

Johnny Depp is the latest actor to consider starring in action thriller remake The Tourist.

We're seriously beginning to wonder if the producers did something terrible in a former life as this film has seen more problems on its way to the screen than most recent releases.

Let's run down the list, shall we? First up, the plan was to team director Bharat Nalluri with Tom Cruise for a movie that sees Cruise's everyman visitor to France being caught up in a female Interpol officer's (Charlize Theron) plan to catch her former, criminal lover.

Cruise bailed and Nalluri followed, with Theron pulling her eject lever shortly thereafter.

Then it seemed to come together with Angelina Jolie signing on for the lead, Florian Henckel von Dommersmarck stepping in to direct and Sam Worthington being eyed for the male lead.

Today? Donnersmarck has ditched, Worthington never signed and Jolie is just about still attached.

Still, Depp's interest is brighter news and Alfonso Cuaron is negotiating to take the helm.

So perhaps the movie - adapted from French spy pic Anthony Zimmer - might actually start shooting next year…

...Don't hold your breath just yet, though.

[Source: THR]

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    • Ali1748

      Nov 5th 2009, 19:50

      Jolie,Depp and Cuaron I like the sound of that.

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