Jon Hamm joins The Town

Rebecca Hall is also signed to Ben Affleck's next

Mad Men's Jon Hamm and Vicky christina Barcelona's Rebecca Hal have signed on to Ben Affleck's next directorial effort, The Town.

Affleck is directing and starring as a bank robber who falls for an employee (Hall) of one of his targets.

But life becomes even more complicated when the FBI figures out that she's their best chance of catching the thief, and the agent assigned to the case (Hamm) becomes infatuated with her too.

Chuck Hogan wrote the original novel, them penned a draft of the script which Affleck has now polished.

It'll kick of shooting next month in Boston.

[Source: Variety]

Glad to see Hamm getting better film roles? Interested to see what Affleck does to follow up Gone Baby Gone? Speak!


    • mplo42

      Sep 12th 2011, 17:24

      The novel on which The Town was based, imho, was far better than the movie, and, between the infatuation of Doug and FBI Agt. Frawley, neither of who could get Claire in the end, succeeded in turning her into an annoying, b**chy piece of trash.

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