Jonathan Liebesman updates on Wrath Of The Titans

Gladiator’s an inspiration

jonathan liebesman

Battle: Los Angeles director Jonathan Liebesman is currently deep in prep work on Clash sequel Wrath Of The Titans, and he’s spared a moment to chat about his approach to the sequel.

Talking to Collider, the filmmaker reveals that Ridley Scott’s “epic” Gladiator is an inspiration, while he really wants to ground the fantasy in reality.

Says Liebesman: “For me, taking Greek mythology and all that fantasy and putting it in a real world that’s epic, like Gladiator, like a big Ridley Scott movie.

“And taking all that fantasy and putting it in, grounding it, making it feel real, that’s the movie that I wanted to see when I walked into Clash 1 and that’s the movie that Clash 2 is gonna be.

“That’s what I was looking for, I was looking to come in and have a real, intense, visceral kick-ass experience with spectacle but grounded, with great actors, and that’s what the second one will be.”

We can think of worse films for Liebesman to draw from for his big budget follow-up (like the first Clash, for instance). Could Wrath end up being a massively superior sequel?

Scoff? Or froth? Do you think Liebesman can pull off a decent sequel? Speak up below...


    • dragonzoo

      Feb 24th 2011, 10:46

      This has the potential to be very good. Battle: LA looks really exciting and if any of that realism is carried over to the world of Clash then we could be in for something really spectacular! The first film is a guilty pleasure, just for the Pegasus really (it looked very real and I want one) so Wrath will definitely be up there on one to watch. Any word on if they dare do 3D again?

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