Jose Padilha will direct The Sigma Protocol

Universal's new Robert Ludlum adaptation

Universal, pushing ahead with its mission to find another Bourne-like franchise, has hired director Jose Padilha to make The Sigma Protocol.

The Hollywood Reporter has it that Padilha – who won the Golden Bear at last year’s Berlin Film Fest – will take on the story of a man on the run from assassins and enemy agents.

This time, though, it’s not a government killer with a memory issue, it revolves around World War Two conspiracy and Nazis.

Padilha won his award for directing action thriller Elite Squad (which you can see above), so you can see why Universal might have thought of him for the Sigma job.

The script’s being written by Iron Man co-scribes Matt Holloway and Art Marcum and all being well, the studio hopes to have this thing rolling in the summer.

[Source: THR]

Who should star as the Sigma Protocol’s lead? Tell us in the comments, Ludlum fans!

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