Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s reps deny Justice League role

Actor is not set to play Batman

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been linked to the Batman role in Warner Bros’ upcoming Justice League movie, but that particular rumour has been shot down by his representatives.

Following the ending of The Dark Knight Rises, JGL has faced endless questions about continuing the Dark Knight franchise as Batman, although he has never committed to anything. chased the rumour up, and report that they "checked in with Gordon-Levitt’s reps who have refuted the rumour entirely.”

It always seemed an improbable fit, with Nolan’s characters unlikely to sit comfortably next to the likes of Green Lantern and Superman.

As yet, there has been no official casting rumours for Justice League yet. Many directors and actors have been linked to the project, but as it’s not expected to land until 2015, it’s unlikely we’ll get any official news on this until next year at the earliest.

The next Warner Bros/DC Comics film that we'll see is Man Of Steel, which opens in the UK on 14 June 2013.

Are you glad that this rumour has been refuted? Who would you cast as Batman in Justice League? Tell us below…


    • mattburgess

      Nov 28th 2012, 15:02

      Personally I think this would have been a bold move on Warner Brothers part, and an opportunity for them to do something somewhat original instead of always rebooting. I would have liked to see it.

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    • Ali1748

      Nov 28th 2012, 15:08

      I agree Matt.

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    • sirheppe

      Nov 28th 2012, 15:22

      While new ideas are welcome for this kind of franchise, kicking off a Justice League series without Bruce Wayne and connected to a Batman universe with no superpowers would seem the wrong move for me. Though to be honest I think this whole Justice League thing has disaster written all over it.

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    • Ali1748

      Nov 28th 2012, 15:37

      Who said anything about no super powers ? Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman possess them.

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    • SpideyLew

      Nov 28th 2012, 16:01

      What sirheppe is saying is that nolans batverse is very much grounded in reality and therefore adding a character from that universe to another which is full of "fantasy", might be an ill fit.

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    • CaptainCrazy

      Nov 28th 2012, 16:26

      There is a lot of talk about the Man of Steel film set in the "real" world which makes me think it will share the same space as the Nolan films. Let's wait and see what the Man of Steel is like before committing to conjecture. I have faith in this adaptation but I hope they don’t include a Batman who is NOT Bruce Wayne.

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    • anant

      Nov 28th 2012, 17:02

      why can't wb and dc set the justice league movie in a realistic setting? why does it have to be fun and aliens and a be a clone of the avengers? fine nolan's batman was set in a far more realistic world than what superhero movies are but they are adapting a serious tone for superman as well, aren't they? instead of casting a new styled batman for jl? why not adapt nolan's serious tone for jl? if he can do it superman surely it can be done with jl? yes i mean with green lantern and aquaman as well. find a way, let the creative juices flow!!

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    • andrewpaterson

      Nov 28th 2012, 20:54

      I agree - I think it would be really interesting to have a gritty realistic Justice League movie. I agree also with what was said above about Man of Steel - it is meant to be a 'what if this was real' type scenario much like the Batman trilogy. So I think it will be an OK fit to have these two versions of Batman and Superman together.

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    • Hadouken76

      Nov 29th 2012, 0:53

      Can't see how anyone can make a 'realistic' film about a super strong alien, who no-one reconises when he puts on glasses.

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    • Rob10

      Nov 29th 2012, 2:47

      Not a massive comic book reader and this is first comment left, but I find it hard to imagine a decent film with Batman and Superman as at the end of it all, apart from kryptonite, Superman is invincible. Batman will be Superman's Robin - great. That would destroy Nolan's trilogy instantly. Please don't do it.

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    • molmeister

      Nov 29th 2012, 7:03

      I think it already happened with the ending of TDKR and Nolan producing Man of Steel. It will be one realistic universe. JL will star Henry cavill as Superman and JGL as "Batman". Trust me, june 2013 you will see it for yourself at the ending of Man of Steel.

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    • Siban1982

      Nov 30th 2012, 9:45

      I think Levitt is a great actor who chooses his films quite wisely but he's not the right fit for Batman. He'd be perfect for Terry McGinnis as a future Batman but not Bruce Wayne or the Batman we've seen from all the films so far but then maybe that's what the franchise needs? Who knows.

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