Joseph Kosinski talks third TRON film

First draft arrives in two weeks

Joseph Kosinski has given a welcome update on the status of his forthcoming follow-up to TRON Legacy, explaining that he’ll be taking a look at the first draft of the script in the next couple of weeks.
“I think I’m two weeks away from getting the draft,” explains Kosinski. “This is a story we’ve been working on since 2009, so that’s four years now. I’m really excited about the idea that we have for it. I think it delivers on the promise that both TRON movies have made.” 
“It opens the movie up, in a way that I think is going to give it a much broader appeal. Whereas TRON really, ultimately, in the end, catered most to TRON fans, this idea broadens it some more, in really exciting ways.  But, it’s all about the script and making sure that that story is compelling enough to get all of us back together.”  
“Those movies are hard to make,” he continues. “It’s a two-and-a-half to three-year journey. So, to go back in there and go back to the Grid, it’s going to have to be a pretty spectacular script. We’ve got a great writer on it, so we’ll see.”
Meanwhile, Kosinski went on to confirm that while the project is currently being referred to as TR3N, it will have a proper title unique to itself.

“It has a working title, yeah,” reveals the direcdtor. “TR3N will be our code name. We have an idea, but nothing is set in stone yet. We have some exciting ideas.” 

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    • 100harlequin

      Apr 1st 2013, 10:41

      I'm in the minority I know but I loved TRON:Legacy. I still maintain that it's the most beautiful film I've seen on IMAX. Has the best soundtrack ever too. As long as they get Daft Punk back for the next one then I'm all for it.

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    • t8cmf

      Apr 1st 2013, 12:10

      @100harlequin I quite liked TRON:Legacy as well.

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    • BiDDY

      Apr 1st 2013, 12:56

      @100harlequin I completely agree, I prefer it to the original. Sadly once you get past the special effects of the first one, the story a very good one, I am currently awaiting delivery of my bluray, lol.

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    • smellyhands

      Apr 1st 2013, 13:39

      Tron: Legacy was like big long Daft Punk music video. Visually and musically fantastic. With the added bonus of Olivia Wilde. Grrrrrr.

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    • ilikescifi

      Apr 1st 2013, 14:23

      shame they cancelled Tron Uprising

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 1st 2013, 17:16

      Legacy was decent but it looked amazing.

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    • BobTheSkull

      Apr 1st 2013, 19:56

      Got a 3D tv for my birthday from my wife. First thing I did was got Tron Legacy 3D. Love it. Loved it at the IMAX. Love it at home now. And, agreed. The soundtrack is incredible. As is Miss Wilde. A 3rd will indeed have to be spectacular in style, and story, or it's just going to feel like a cash in.

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    • benji888578

      Apr 7th 2013, 22:53

      Daft Punk + their hand picked orchestra was an awesome combination, mixed with the visual effects made TRON: Legacy a spectacular film experience seen in IMAX 3D (I also think this was the best IMAX 3D experience so far). I can see where it wasn't totally mainstream, but the soundtrack is still my favorite movie music. The next must have this again. Although, I have to say, The Hobbit was visually stunning, a very close second best IMAX 3D experience (visually #1, but, the best overall IMAX 3D experience still is TRON: L). It would be very nice to have the next TRON in 48fps, please!

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