Josh Brolin in Men in Black 3?

Casting begins for alien threequel


The film has yet to be greenlit, true, but big names are already in the running for roles in the third intergalactic adventure featuring those alien-huntin' men in black.

While the return of Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K has yet to be confirmed, it's looking as though Will Smith will be pulling on the shades once again as Agent J to shoot a script penned by Tropic Thunder writer Etan Cohen.

Josh Brolin, still riding high after wowing critics in No Country For Old Men and Dubya film W., has been attached to the project but nobody knows who he's playing.

He's the kind of guy who'd look good in a suit, however, so we're throwing our tin foil hat into the ring and guessing that perhaps he's playing another Agent alongside K and J.

Or, because you never know, he could be signing up to play younger version of Jones's character (they do look kind of similar; check him out as Bush...).

Once the film is given the go-ahead it could shoot next year, and original helmer Barry Sonnenfeld is a tentative director. In the meantime, check out Brolin in the upcoming Jonah Hex and Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, or just watch No Country For Old Men again because it's that bloody good.

Think Brolin and Smith would make a good duo if Jones doesn't return? Or has the MIB franchise run its course after the less-than-stellar Men in Black 2? Comment below...

[Source: LA Times]


    • joshtraynor567

      Dec 9th 2009, 14:25

      Men in Black 3 is a gamble after the 2nd edition, but as ever Brolin is a very good actor and could probobly do somthing quite original. Although Barry Sonnenfeld's filmography is hit and miss this is one sequel that could be quite unpredictable

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    • annunziato

      Dec 9th 2009, 20:43

      Tropic Thunder passed me by so I'm not keen on it being done by the same writer...really enjoyed the first two films and hopy Tommy Lee Jones comes back on board too...hopefully this will not just be a cash in but a genuine attempt to make an entertaining funny film

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    • Ali1748

      Dec 9th 2009, 21:24

      Big fan of Brolin's so any news about him is good news to me :)

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