Josh Brolin talks Old Boy remake

Exclusive: “It’s different and the same”

Total Film chatted with Josh Brolin recently about his busy upcoming slate, which includes period crime epic Gangster Squad.

Naturally, we took the opportunity to grill the actor on the Old Boy remake, which is being directed by Spike Lee and is rumoured to co-star Elizabeth Olsen.

You can read the full interview in the latest issue of Total Film, out now, but here's what Brolin had to say about Old Boy...

Do you expect your Old Boy will be as mental as Park Chan-wook’s original?
I don’t know… Spike Lee’s doing Old Boy and it’s different and the same. I wrote an email to Park, who I really love, when I tried to get him to direct Jonah Hex. I was like, “If you’re not completely into this, then we’ll find something else to do together.” But then I said, “I want your blessing to do Old Boy.” He wrote back this beautiful letter and it said, “I love remakes and I think it’s great, just don’t do it exactly like we did.”

Old Boy is yet to receive a UK release date.
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Think Brolin's Old Boy can match Park's? Tell us below...


    • MoodyMonkey

      Jun 10th 2012, 11:36

      The only problem i have with this film is that, like The Departed, knowing the twist beforehand lessens the impact. Though for once this is a remake i'm actually looking forward to and Brolin should knock it out of the park.

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    • JonesJohnny

      Jun 10th 2012, 14:55

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    • EddieFelson

      Jun 11th 2012, 9:59

      Brolins great and the story is awesome but I hate oxymoron’s like "it's different but the same" so it's the same story but not a shot for shot remake? please let this be the case as there isn’t any point unless you reimaging the film but clearly they cant stray too far from the story or it wouldn’t be Oldboy

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    • ChrisWootton

      Jun 11th 2012, 16:17

      I'd be interested in seeing what elements of the story they do keep.. Hollywood and the ending of the original just don't go together very well for me. I'm with you guys though, could be good. And yeah, I hate all that c**p "it's really long, but short, and exactly the same as the original but entirely different".

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    • FBSHarrigan

      Jun 12th 2012, 23:06

      Nope, that is all I have to say. Americanized remakes barely ever work. It worked a total of one time with Let The Right One In, and I am convinced that was a stroke of luck. All the japanese horror remakes have been complete garbage. Old Boy is a bizarre Asian film and I doubt and American director can copy it. This is what Hollywood did to the last french film it got it's sticky fingers on. Le Diner de Cons was not a fantastic film, but it deserved better than this bizarre unrecognizable and juvenile remake. They should leave Old Boy alone.

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