Joss Whedon comments on possible Hulk movie

Doesn't sound too keen

Joss Whedon has already voiced his reservations about a potential standalone movie for the Hulk, and has been speaking again about why he finds the character problematic.

"The Hulk is the most difficult Marvel property," says Whedon. "Is he a monster? Is he a hero? Are you going to root for a protagonist who spends all his time trying to stop the reason you came to the movie from happening?

"I don't think the first two movies nailed it," he continues, "but I don't envy the task. It was easier to have him in a group than to build everything around him."

"If he was Hulk for the entire movie, I think Mark [Ruffalo] at some point would go, 'why am I here?' I would be less inclined to pursue a storyline where the Hulk is only ever the Hulk. Mark and I loved the Hulk and went over and over the concept of rage and how it should manifest, and that part of it was fascinating to both of us."

Sounds like we'll just have to wait until The Avengers 2 then. The film lands in UK cinemas on 1 May  2015.

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    • DrSax

      Mar 8th 2013, 13:29

      "Mark and I... went over and over the concept of rage and how it should manifest, and that part of it was fascinating to both of us." - So what, you just decided that him being 'always angry' was the best resolution to that particular quandary? Nice one ginge.

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    • ericwillard

      Mar 8th 2013, 16:10

      If someone said "Why am I here" in regards to a Planet Hulk movie, my answer would be to do your freakin job as an actor. Take notes from Andy Serkis. Be the basis for the facial recognition software and act. You can still learn to do some voice acting along with the CG effects. It might get tweeked in final production but you would still be the basis for the core being. Actors.. Pfft

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    • BobTheSkull

      Mar 8th 2013, 19:06

      @DrSax, yeah cos you'd have been able to write a better arc for Hulk, that would probably resort to personal insult. Nice one, indeed. I for one, and almost everyone I know that watched it, thought it was very well handled. @ericwillard, why are you having a go at actors for Whedon making a 'comment' on what he thought 'might' happen? It's not like Ruffalo actually came out and said, 'Know what, if they go the full CGI route, count me out.' From everything I've heard, he's actually one of those actors that lives for the role, not for the fame.

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    • Ali1748

      Mar 8th 2013, 21:10

      I just hope we'll see Banner/Hulk pop up in some of the other movies.

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    • spid2411

      Mar 10th 2013, 19:47

      The Avengers was merely OK - total hysteria about it for some reason. It was brain bubble gum that once seen doesn't need to be seen again (which sums up the vast majority of Marvels stuff). Captain America was s**te as was Thor and the Hulk movies thus far were mince too so why bother making another one?

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    • FBALeal

      Mar 11th 2013, 3:16

      BobTheSkull. Thank-you for actually making a smart comment. Doesn't happen quite often. Spid. You are simply wrong, which is okay, so long as you don't believe what you think is fact. Because if you did, that would make you an idiot.

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