Jude Law stars in new trailer for Dom Hemingway: watch now

“Dom Hemingway is free!”

The first trailer has arrived for crime caper Dom Hemingway, in which Jude Law’s ageing safecracker emerges from a long stretch in prison anxious to claim the money owed him for keeping his mouth shut…
Unfortunately for him, it isn’t quite a straightforward as all that, as said money is soon parted from our luckless hero by a scheming femme fatale.
Throw in the influence of Richard E. Grant’s reprobate pal, and a dysfunctional relationship with estranged daughter Emilia Clarke, and Dom finds himself with rather a lot on his plate.
Take a look at the new trailer, below…

With Law almost unrecognisable in the title role and sterling support from Grant, this one looks to be a Brit crime comedy to savour, with more in its arsenal than cockney shouting and a cast of diamond geezers… although they’re in there too.

Directed by Richard Shepard and co-starring Demian Bichir, Dom Hemingway will open in the UK on 15 November 2013.

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    • hawleygriffin

      Sep 23rd 2013, 21:02

      Terence stamp and Peter Fonda are looking not bad for there ages

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    • grantmcdonald

      Sep 24th 2013, 9:30

      You just shared a trailer that's not available. Might be a region thing.

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