Julianne Moore confirmed for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

She’ll play Alma Coin in final two films

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay has confirmed some heavyweight casting, with Julianne Moore officially signing on to play Alma Coin in the conclusion to the series.

Alma Coin is a key figure in the final book, the leader of a revolutionary movement aiming to use Katniss as their figurehead in order to overthrow the repressive regime of the Capitol.

Moore had previously been linked to the role, but now Lionsgate have issued an official press release confirming that the deal is done.

Moore will appear in both installments of the final story, with Mockingjay set to be broken into two films, to be released within 12 months of each other.

The first film will open in the UK on 21 November 2014, while part two will follow on 20 November 2015. In the meantime there’s Catching Fire to look forward to, which opens here on 21 November 2013.

Is Moore a good fit for the role? Tell us, below!


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