Justice League shut down!

Warner Bros puts the film on hold

Looks like the WGA strike has done something even Doomsday, Lex Luthor and all the other DC comics villains combined couldn’t manage over the years – defeated the mighty Justice League.

All right, so it’s only a setback, but it’s a biggie – while the studio’s official line is that it didn’t get confirmation of the Australian tax breaks required to make shooting there worthwhile, the big whispers (and the main reason anything right now is being delayed) have it that the script needed more work.

Actors such as Adam Brody (The Flash), Megan Gale (Wonder Woman) and Armie Hammer Jr (Batman – sacrilege in this post-Nolan world) have been informed that their options would not be picked up, which means they’re all free to take jobs on other projects. And director George Miller can’t now start shooting until late summer or autumn in the earliest. Follow the dominoes, and that means no summer 2009 release…

Variety has all the info in its story here.

Source: (Variety)



    • therealeverton

      Mar 29th 2011, 15:27

      Oh and unless they are using the script from the film killed by the writer's strike, which had the Black Green Lantern (3rd I think) Not Ryan Reynolds' Hal Jordan (2nd, but kinda 1st Lantern) then there's no way this is coming in 2013. Not even Fox would rush such a big movie, with no script and multiple super powered, effects heavy characters out so quickli........ Oh hold on? Hmmm, yeah , OK maybe Fox!

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