Justin Lin passes on directing Fast & Furious 7

Sixth instalment will be his last in the chair

Justin Lin has opted to move away from the Fast & Furious series after finishing his responsibilities with Fast & Furious 6, bringing a four-movie association to a close.

Lin took the reins for The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift, and has directed the subsequent three films in the series, but it seems that the director will not be returning for round seven.

Production is expected to begin on the next movie as soon as this summer, with Universal eyeing a summer 2014 release date for the latest in the adrenaline-soaked action franchise.

However, such a fast-track schedule is thought to have dissuaded Lin from returning, with the director unwilling to compromise his work in order to hit next year's release date.

Looks as though we'll have to make the most of his hyper-kinetic work on Fast & Furious 6 then, which opens in UK cinemas on 24 May 2013.

Who should replace Lin for the seventh movie? Tell us, below!


    • Ali1748

      Apr 5th 2013, 17:06

      Hmm this seems to be happening more and more lately we already had Rupert Wyatt leaving the POTA sequel because the studio wanted a quick release. Justin Lin is the reason this series is even reaching it's 7th movie so I don't see why the studio couldn't compromise.

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    • patricksteven

      Apr 8th 2013, 10:33

      Len Wiseman

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    • basagangpula

      Jul 7th 2013, 9:55

      This is sad. Studios aren't interested in how people feel even if it means losing a top director. They simply wanted to strike while the iron is hot and make more money in the quickest way possible at the expense of people's motivations.

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