Justin Lin to direct next Bourne film

Jeremy Renner set to return

Universal has appointed Justin Lin to take the reigns of the ongoing Bourne franchise, with the director set to helm the sequel to The Bourne Legacy.

The new film will pick up with the story of Aaron Cross, with leading man Jeremy Renner also confirmed to be returning for a second outing.

Lin takes over from Tony Gilroy behind the camera, although the production team of Frank Marshall, Ben Smith and Jeffrey Weiner has been retained.

The script has been penned by Invictus  writer Anthony Peckham, although no story details have been confirmed as yet. Whether or not the story stays entwined with Bourne’s or takes Cross in a whole new direction remains to be seen.

No release date has been confirmed as yet, but rumour has it the film will arrive in… yes you guessed it, summer 2015. Shouldn’t be much competition for it there…

Is Lin a good pick to take the franchise forward? Tell us, below!


    • Ali1748

      Nov 11th 2013, 16:50

      As much as I enjoyed Fast Five and Six this isn't a good fit for Justin Lin . He's a more balls to the walls action director, I just can't picture Justin creating an intense spy thriller. Not that Legacy was intense or thrilling, it was decent.

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    • Desperation

      Nov 11th 2013, 21:25

      But the Aaron Cross story was so boring.You couldn't feel any sympathy for the character's motivations. He didn't seem to give two hoots that the government he worked for suddenly turned on him and tried to blow him up. He didn't even question why it happened. All he wanted was the pills. It was a film about a junkie wanting a fix. I'm not saying they should bring back Jason Bourne, because they shouldn't. That was a great story, but it's been told and doesn't need adding to. Telling other stories happening at the same time is a good idea, but the story itself also needs to be good. Legacy didn't fit that bill.

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    • chibik

      Nov 12th 2013, 5:45

      I think the story of Cross and his low IQ has potential. Agreed, though, they need to flesh it out much more.

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