Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried star in the In Time trailer

JT tries his hand at sci-fi action

The first trailer for sci-fi thriller In Time has landed online.

Andrew Niccol (Gattaca) directs, with Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy and Alex Pettyfer starring.

If you're wondering why the cast is rammed with youthful, easy-on-the-eye talent, it's because the film is set in a future in which time has replaced money as currency.

The characters (who are only given a year's worth of currency when they hit 25) have a handy digital countdown on their forearm to remind them how much time they've got left, as they spend valuable minutes on everyday goods and services.

It's a curiosity-inspiring premise, but as with all high-concept sci-fi there's the chance this could err on the side of silly. As Niccol was able to keep Gattaca compelling, we're willing to take a leap of faith with this one.

This extended trailer (it runs at almost four minutes) sees JT's Will Salas struggling to keep his counter going until he bumps into a mysterious stranger. Being a lengthy promo, the footage does seem to give a fair amount of the plot away.

Take a gander at the trailer below:

In Time will open on 1 November 2011.

In-trigued? Or not worth your time? Do you buy Timberlake as an action hero? Let us know!


    • trist808

      Jul 25th 2011, 22:35

      I really like the look of this (although 4 mins gives far too much away), it's got an Adjustment Bureau/Source Code vibe going on and Timberlake is growing as an actor, in my opinion. He's given very good solid performances in the likes of Alpha Dog & The Social Network and he can still play comedy well (Bad Teacher). This could be his best role yet and I love the high-concept (well, I enjoy a lot of stuff like this to be fair). Still not a fan of Seyfried though, she strikes me as the talentless offspring of an alien Grey and a Barbie doll (although dyed her hair for this one by the looks of it). Be an interesting one to look out for towards the end of the year ...

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    • ShosannaD

      Jul 26th 2011, 1:31

      I've been waiting for this for awhile and it looks great! Justin is way better than Bad Teacher and FWB, he can totally pull this off. Even though the trailer gave pretty much the whole movie away I'm still going to see it. Cillian Murphy, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Galecki ( I've been in love with him since his days on Roseanne) and Matt Bomer who I've been dieing to see in a movie since he started White Collar. I think Seyfried can really prove herself as an actress with this role. Hopefully I've been wrong about her that she's not constantly amazed by shiny things, and that's why all of her movies suck apart from mean girls of course.

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